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Posted by Priyanka Nag on 12:55 AM
I had come to Singapore on the 17th of January, 2011; as an exchange student from Symbiosis, India. When I had arrived in Singapore, I had several dreams and aspirations. I had come so many miles away, wanted to achieve something really worth taking back home. I still have that dream and aspiration in me. NTU, Nanyang Technological University, unfolds its hidden beauty every single day to me. The first day I went to college here, I was scared, scared of the work load here, scared of the new environment, scared of the new language, scared of everything.
Almost 2 months have passed now, I have almost reached half way through my journey here...explored much, had many experiences (not all of them were good, but majority of them were). Today, when I try to look back at these 2 months, I find myself really lucky. Back in my home university, I never got so much exposure to all new Industry oriented subjects like 'Computer Graphics' or 'Computer Game Programming'. They are obviously not easy modules for me, they are like challenges which I have taken up. But these challenges are fun to go through. Other than the academic part, leading life in an institute which is rightly a multi-cultural institute, is another challenge and fun. Initially, I used to worry about how to get along with people whose language I dont understand, whose food I dont eat, who are from a completely different upbringing than I am, but now, I am so emotionally attached to these people here that when I am back in India, I will really be struggling to get back to a life where they never existed.
Really cant think of going back right now...rather the 2 and half months that I am left with, I wanna get maximum possible out of it, I wanna squeeze out all the possible flavors and wrap them up in golden memories and preserve them forever in my life's book of the 'Best things ever'...


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