My first translation sprint

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 11:43 PM
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On the 29th of December, the team of Ankur India had decided to meet over IRC for a translation sprint for Gaia localization. As per the plan, we all met over IRC channel #ankur.org.in at around 11am on 29th. Due to some important work, I got delayed in joining in and thus did miss the initial few hours of the sprint which was spent in setting up the repository and getting started. 
Being a newbie in the domain of localization, I needed help and guidance continuously from the other, more experienced ones. I shouldn't forget to thank Runa and Sayak, whom I kept on bothering with all major and minor issues. As we got along with the sprint, I got the flow of it and then work became all the more fun.We finally stopped at 4pm. Though can't actually say stopped. We departed from the IRC but with sufficient work in hand, which were to be passed over and communicated through emails.
This was probably one of my first constructive contributions to Mozilla (Firefox OS in particular) and feel really excited about it.
Would love many more of such sprints and next time, will surely want to be present personally in Red Hat's office just to get the trill and feel of it to a greater extent.


MozClub SICSR....2nd Official Meetup

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 8:56 PM

MozClub SICSR is an initiative to form a Mozilla Club in Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research. The volunteers of this club will not only be involved in development work, but also be responsible for encouraging other students to take interest in all Mozilla Development work. These volunteers will also be responsible for organizing different Mozilla events in and around the college campus. 
This was actually initiated on 11th August by Sayak Sarkar and Ankit Gadgil when they did take the first meeting of MozClub SICSR. 
Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, being a computer institute has got some real potential developers, all that is required at this point is some proper guidance and to ignite the spark of craze in them. With that sole motive, we did organize the second meet of MozClub SICSR on the 15th of December 2012. There were around 60 enthusiastic participants in the hall during the meet. 
I initiated the meeting with some small talks about Mozilla, what projects are currently running under the Mozilla banner etc. I did talk about two of my very favorite topics, the Documentation part and the Localization work. Of course I couldn't miss the opportunity of talking on WoMoz in a hall which consisted of a good number of some 20+ ladies.
After my basic introductions, Soumya Deb (aka Debloper) took over. He did impress the crowd with his amazing power of talking techy stuffs in an awesomely interesting way. He covered several topics starting from how to contribute to Mozilla, how to use IRCs, how to subscribe in mailing lists etc. The best part of his talk was the B2G demo.
The response from the crowd was quite good. This was simply the first formal step towards forming the club. By next meet which is on the 22nd of December, we are expecting the crowd to have done some research on different projects currently running under Mozilla banner and choose one project they would like to work on. When they select their domain of work, we are planning to guide them through and get them started as contributors of Mozilla.


Getting to be a part of OPW

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 7:42 PM
One evening a friend of mine forwarded me a link, saying -"I think you can try for this". The link took me to gnome/opw. Just clicking through the different projects, I got stuck at Wikimedia Foundation's project on 'Noteworthy Local Templates'. 
I like doing documentation work and the project description somehow seemed so suiting my domain and preferences that I ended up applying for it.

Going a bit into what Outreach Program for Women actually is (for all my readers who are not aware of it).  OPW or Outreach Program for Women is a GNOME Foundation's initiative to change a shocking statistic which shows that in Open Source world, there are only 2% female contributors. 
'Outreach Program for Women (OPW) internships were inspired in many ways by Google Summer of Code and by how few women applied for it in the past.' 

After applying for it, I did contact my mentor, Amir Aharoni, to guide me through the project and also help me make my first initial contribution to it. I submitted my first work (though with lots of errors), and was highly encouraged by my mentor's appreciation. He helped me rectify all the mistakes. A few small contributions and on the morning of the historic date of this century (12.12.12), I got the acceptance letter from OPW.

Am eagerly waiting for 2nd January now, when I will be able to officially begin with my work. Am a contributor of Open Source Community for quite some time now, but this is my real big chance to make a real big contribution!I never found a reason why there should be less female contributors in this domain. I have always loved what I have done in here and am sure very soon more women will realize that :)


A weirdly awesome dream...

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 6:50 PM
In the darkness of the night, when I thought no one could see my tears, his hands came upto to my cheek to wipe them off. How did he know I was crying?
Probably he just knew me too well to understand my every reaction. I told him to go away, to leave me alone. He denied and softly said-
"No matter where I am, I will always be there to wipe every tear drop of yours. No matter how much upset you are, I will always be there to bring back your smile. No matter how angry you get, I will not leave you, I will hold your hand and stand by you. No matter how dark the night is, I will always be your guiding light. No matter how difficult the path is, you will never be walking on them alone. No matter how busy I am, I will always have time for you. No matter how much we fight, I will always come back to you. No matter how hard you try, you cannot keep me away from you. You can call me your friend, your boyfriend, your best friend or call me nothing, but for me, you are my everything."
His words were like ointment on my pain. I realized I wasn't crying anymore. I looked into his eyes. I knew he meant every single word he said. I smiled and threw myself into his arms. Theres nothing better than a soothing hug at times of sorrow.

Just then my phone screamed. I opened my eyes to find myself in my bed. Gosh! This was a dream. Well, obviously this was. These fairy tales can only be stories and dreams.
I sat up on my bed, checked my phone only to find a 'Lecture cancelled' message from college. I sat there for sometime, just to think, can I fit anyone into this picture? Well, nope.
Love is a very wrongly used word today. We say it, even before we are sure we mean it. We say it and then we repent. Being there with someone is a fashion, but being there for someone is old-fashioned. Today we all are practical lovers, who measures love on the scale of profit and loss. Being with her gives me a status symbol, he has a BMW worth riding and so on. We are so mature that we forget to feel the real feelings.

I got back to by my blankets. If not in real life, may be I could get back to my dreams and live those special moments. Strongly I did shut my eyes again and fell asleep.


Jab Tak Hai Jaan - Movie review

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 10:55 PM
Before I went in for the movie, a friend had said, this movie is more than a love story, its a love saga. Now, after watching the movie, I know what he meant.
Samar and Mira's love story was very well expressed in the first half of the movie. Yash Chopra's magical power of making the audience feel the love going on on-screen could be felt once again. The rich, beautiful lady Mira falling in love with a guy full of life (but no bank-balance) was brought out really well. Mira was a girl who had great faith in Jesus and used to offer some great deals in exchange of what she wanted Jesus to give her like 'let the guy coming to see me today not like me, and I will give up chocolates forever' and so on.
It was all well, till Mira decided to make the biggest deal with her God, to give up her love in exchange of his life. She, is all her faith, decided to leave Samar, after Jesus saved Samar's life (after Samar met with an accident).
The broken heart-ed Samar returned of India to join Indian army and played with death everyday as a challenge against Jesus, just to see how long God does save him from death. Well, a part I found missing in the movie here was the fact that Samar mentions it twice that he didn't join Indian army initially because his mother didn't want him to and had come to London just because of her but after the whole heart-break and all when Samar returned to India, no mother was brought in. If he didn't join army sometime because of his mother, how did he join now? Well, the question remained unanswered till the end of the movie and I am still confused on that part.
Well, the second half was sufficiently not as good as the first half. Akira's role is well played by Anushka Sharma. Well, on a personal basis, I would claim Anushka Sharma to be a better actress than Katrina Kaif. Katrina, according to me, still needs to learn to act. Shahrukh, well off course if the king.
The end was kind of not much liked by me. Theres a beautiful saying in the movie-"Har ishq ka ek waqt hota hai, wo hamara waqt nahi tha....par iska matlab yeh nahi hai ki wo isqh nahi tha". They have lived up to this saying my uniting Mira and Samar at the end of the movie but Akira's waqt somehow never came.

At the end of the movie, Akira is shown to be talking to a crowd of National Geographic Chanel on the purpose of releasing her documentary that she made on Major Samar. But, the non-sense part was when she talks about Samar's love life through the entire speech. I mean talking on the podium of National Geographic Chanel and giving out all love philosophies was non-sense.
Also, there another part in the movie which shows Samar having partial amnesia and forgetting 10 years of his life is at some station, waiting for his train when suddenly a bomb was found in the train and the station was being evacuated. Well, Samar remembering his 10 years suddenly at the very chaos of the situation is okay, but his suddenly going upto the bomb, no police official stopping him and rather they letting him dispose the bomb without checking his background or anything was totally not acceptable!
Well, all in all, good time-pass, so much love in it but still not a very practical or believable one.


Firefox turns 8

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 9:56 AM

9th November is the birthday of Firefox, the browser that has always made browsing experience a great fun for all users. This November Firefox turned 8. All over the world, all Mozilla supporters and Firefox fans did celebrate this day in their own unique ways.
I was a part of the celebration in Kolkata, India.
A few ReMos and Mozilla volunteers had gathered in the evening in a place called Hiland Park, in South Kolkata. A very informal meet up....lots of chit chats, some sharing of thoughts. 
We couldn't get the cake, but the gathering can be called a success. Meeting people is always fun. Communicating via mails or on Facebook can never bring the same outcome as meeting people face to face and it indeed was so today.
Before departing, we indeed did plan a meeting again in two days... that's the level of energy Mozilla always gives us!!!


Wikipedia’s Localisation Engineers meet up at SICSR

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 7:23 PM
On the 4th of November 2012, the Wikipedia team of Localisation Engineers were welcomed at SICSR for an Engineer’s meet up. The team consisted of some very important Engineers from Wikipedia Foundation like Alolita Sharma (Director of Engineering at Wikipedia), Srikanth Lakshmanan, Brion Vibber, Pau Giner, Siebrand Mazeland and a few more. The meet up was mainly to get a user’s feedback regarding the Wiki Translation and Localisation work and also to introduce some new Wiki tools that translators could find useful like ‘Translatewiki.net’. They gave a small demo on how translatewiki can be used. The talk also contained a brief detail of how wikipedia’s localisation tools were engineered and how these jQuery IMEs can be used by all common coders for translating any website easily.
Some SICSR dignitaries were also present during the session, who are regular contributors to Wikipedia like Mr.Harshad Gune and Mr.Sudhanwa Jogalekar. Most SICSR students present for the session were either Wikipedia translators or Engineers who are presently designing keyboards in Indic languages.
The short session didn’t get over with the presentation. The formal session was followed by an informal meet up of all Wikipedia contributors in Vaishali, FC Road for some SPDP and coffee. The dinner table talks were actually a platform for interaction between different contributors, union of thoughts, sometimes some conflicts of thoughts as well and all getting enriched with new thoughts by the end of the dinner. Finally when all departed, each member had a new enthusiasm to work better and make Wikipedia a better place for all users.


Ada Lovelace Day- My tribute to the power of Women

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 9:10 AM
Ada Lovelace Day is about sharing stories of women — whether engineers, scientists, technologists or mathematicians — who have inspired both inspired and contributed to the society hugely.
The aim of celebrating this day is to create new role models for girls and women in these male-dominated fields by raising the profile of other women in STEM.
When we say women are at par with men regarding everything, we don't simply say it, we mean it.

On the occasion of Ada Lovelace Day, I thought of paying tribute to a few dynamic ladies in the IT Industry who are my inspiration.
Who better to start with other than Mitchell Baker, the Head & Chairperson of Mozilla Foundation, Chairperson Mozilla Corporation.

Winifred Mitchell Baker, better known simply as Mitchell Baker, is a coordinator of development of the Open Source Mozilla Internet applications.
Baker was trained as a lawyer. She coordinates business and policy issues and sits on both the Mozilla Foundation Board of Directors and the Mozilla Corporation Board of Directors. In 2005, Time magazine included her in its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world and she has been affectionately given the title of "Chief Lizard Wrangler" at the Mozilla Corporation.
Michelle Zatlyn is co-founder of Cloudflare. She was named one of the 2011 Top Women to Watch in Technology by the Huffington Post and one of the Top 15 Women to Watch in Tech by Inc. Magazine.
Ellen Pack, co-founder of appSmitten.com has more than 20 years experience building online and service businesses. She was VP of Marketing for Elance and in the early 1990′s, founded Women.com and grew it into the largest internet destination for women.

 # Photo Courtesy: Google Images


Sicilia...the Italian and Continental lover's paradise!

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 2:57 AM

Well, if you are a fan of Italian and Continental food like me, you are sure to love Sicilia. Sicilia is a restaurant in D.P Road.
Ground Floor, City Point, 17 Boat Club Road, Dhole Patil Road, Pune.
If you know 'Oh Calcutta!' of D.P. Road, its the same society where you will find Sicilia as well.
An awesome ambiance for a peaceful dining experience. Well decorated and well arranged. There is a bar and in times of celebration, there is a disc as well inside but on quite afternoons, you generally will not notice the 'Best disc in Town' (that is the name of the disc).
The food is great! As I already did mention, if your taste-buds do crave for some food in white sauces or cheese, this place is totally worth a visit.
Its not a very pocket friendly place though, but an occasional visit will surely not be a bad idea.
The 'Lasagne' here is really too tasty and a must try if you are in Sicilia. The 'Bar' here is very nicely decorated, though am not very sure about the availability of the drinks or their quality.

All in all, a great place. If you are looking to impress your partner with some great food and a good ambiance, well this can be an option.


My first Guest Post!!!

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 6:29 AM
Sometimes its fun to see yourself from a third person view. Awesome idea actually!
Thank you Anwesh Mishra for such wonderful post. I didn't edit any single word from the post, so its completely Anwesh Mishra's version of me!!!
You meet different kinds of people in this world. Some are funny, some are smart, some are stupid, and some are well  . . not worth mentioning. But once, every now and then, you do come across a person who is none of these and, yet somehow, all of these. Yeah, well, that's Priyanka Nag to you.

A quick introduction to Ms. Priyanka, who of course needs no introduction in SICSR, as she's our little star. I think I could go on and on about why she's the star she is, but I guess most of you reading this would already know.

So what is this post about? Well, it's about Priyanka, from a third person point of view. Things you won't know about her, unless you spend a considerable amount of time with her. So here are my top 10 "facts" about her :

  • Priyanka Nag claims to be from Kolkata, but beware, she's not ! She's actually from a town just beside Kolkata, named Hooghly.
  • Priyanka is extremely hard working as is obvious from her star status. But she's an equal lazy person, and delays things indefinitely at times.
  • If you are walking with Priyanka, be very careful, as there will be times, she will be thinking about something or the other and will even walk 10 - 20 steps ahead, without realising that you have stopped.
  • She's always trying to eat her fingers. God knows why !
  • She loves getting wet in the rain, and on some rare occasions, you get to see her out-of-control-completely-drenced behaviour.
  • She is a big time female chauvinist who leaves no chance of discriminating between boys and girls.
  • Her favourite dialogue to her Mom is, "Aami teen bocchor theke Pune te acchi, Ma. Kichu hobe na." (I have been in Pune for 3 years now Mom. Don't worry).
  • She apparently loves puppies, but is scared of dogs.
  • She is very religious in nature and prays to her God for the well - being of everyone.
  • Her smile is one of the most genuine ones I have seen in a long, long time.
I guess that's about it. I know, Priyanka will kill me for this post, and I am even expecting some content to be removed owing to privacy issues. So if you are not reading the original piece, bad luck for you guys. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Cheers !

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A place similar to HEAVEN

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 6:41 AM

I have been living in Pune for the last 3.5 years....surprising that I never knew this heaven existed. Bored on a Sunday evening, having nothing better to do, my friend took me to a place named 'Veetal Tekdi'. 
It was a little climb from the ground level till we reached the place from where I got a glance of HEAVEN. The moment I crossed the fence and reached the other side, I felt as if I have entered a new world. A world so unearthly, a world so beautiful....a world so WOW!
It was all green, so beautifully green. Long strands of grass, small colorful flowers peeping through those grasses, wherever my eyes could reach, nature was as if draped in all possible colors. The wide blue sky, white sheets of clouds floating, a lake at some depth....I was completely mesmerized!
I could sit there for hours, not get bored, not complain about anything in life. At times, we could witness flocks of birds trying to fly away from the rains. The whole experience was absolutely amazing.
As long as I was there, I didn't realize something called 'WORRY' even existed on this earth. I was so much at peace with nature, hearing each and every sound nature made.
Finally I did find a place where I could escape into whenever feeling like running away from the rest of the world! When too much worries, too much tensions rule life, its the perfect place where one can run away to and forget the rest of the world for a few hours.
I thank my friend for introducing this world to me. So from now on, till the time I am in Pune, if you can't find me in, be sure I am in Veetal Tekdi.

#photo courtesy: Anwesh Mishra


Magical Moments....

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 1:17 PM

The moment was magical, the situation was magical....everything was as if curved out from some dream. Cinderella and her Prince Charming, sitting next to each other....sitting close to each other. The cool breeze of the evening was brushing past their hair, their face. It all felt so perfect and so wonderful. The moment brought with it so many thoughts, so many desires....but the two lovers just silently sat there-lost in each others' eyes. No one needed to talk, but the conversation was perfectly going on as all the talking was being done by the eyes of the two lovers.
Cinderella wanted to hug her Prince Charming, wanted to tell him how much she loved him, how much he meant to her, how much this moment meant to her. The thoughts of the Prince was also probably the same.
Then what was it that was stopping them from listening to their heart?
The fear of the society and people probably. What if someone sees them? What if they are caught?
Caught? Caught doing what? Caught being in love? Who cared? Is being in love some kind of crime?
So many thoughts were passing randomly in Cinderella's mind. All she could think of was how desperately she wanted her Prince.
Either the cool breeze or the soft rains...one of them was responsible surely for whatever happened next.
Prince Charming suddenly did put his arms around Cinderella and gently put a peck on Cinderella's cheek. Cinderella felt a current running down her spine. It was feeling far beyond words can ever explain. The whole world had as if come to a stand still. It was as if only the two lovers there...so much lost in each other.
Like a cherry on the cake, to make the moment all the more perfect, suddenly the soft drops of rains became louder. The two lovers could have sat there forever in each other's arms and got wet in the pouring shower.....but that was probably not an option right then. Cinderella had to leave.
How hard it was to leave the moment incomplete, to leave her Prince back and go...only Cinderella knew it.
Her steps wouldn't move.
Cinderella got up and turned to go. Suddenly she stopped, came back to her prince, held his hand into hers and softly kissed his cheek. The entire universe was a witness to the eternal love of these lovers. She couldn't wait any longer. She ran away...leaving only hopes that the moment will probably get complete sometime else!


Me....exclusive and uncut!!!!

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 4:08 AM
Wrote so much....but never wrote about myself. Today, on a not so beautiful Sunday morning, got sometime to talk to myself and so thought of writing about myself for a change.
Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this Sunday to call it a not to beautiful Sunday other than the fact that I didn't step outside my room since morning to look at its beauty.

After a long time, I did spend a day with no one else but myself. I sat and completed my assignment, but those were not sufficiently sufficient to keep me occupied  enough. When done with all work, thought of speaking to myself today. Long time since I last listened to my heart.

All interviewers' have a favourite question, always-"Tell us about yourself" and all interviewees have a per-defined answer to that question. I have one too....but I actually am a bit more than that answer simply.

What am I? Who am I?
I am a dreamer! I am a philosopher.
Well, actually thinking of it in a not so poetic way, I am a person who likes to dream....dream a lot and then chase those dreams. Ever filmy. All Bollywood masalas and Mills&Boons rule my head...totally!

For me, happiness lies in the simplest and smallest of things. The rising orange sun, the meting view of the evening sky, the smoothest drops of the rains, the softest petals of the flowers, the innocent smile of a child, the taste of melting ice-creams...

Sometimes I am a typical girl...a girl who loves being loved and cared. A girl who loves hugging her teddy bear, a girl who loves yellow flowers, a girl who everyday dreams about her prince charming. Again at times, I am so much not a typical girl....no sense of dressing, no love for shopping, no beauty knowledge!!!

That was my dreamy part. But sometimes I am a lady. A lady who likes to fight her way out....who likes success. A lady who understands her responsibilities and knows to care for others.

I am a complete bag of mixed personalities. The problem only lies in the fact that the balance in the mix is always not proportionate. Sometimes I am too sentimental (well, most of the times I am too sentimental), sometimes too demanding and sometimes just running away from problems and life.

So thats me...too stubborn, over loving....but life of my friends and my pappa's princess!!!!


The story of MozCarnival 2012

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 10:08 AM

The story of MozCarnival 2012

On the 15th of September, Pune witnessed a really amazing tech carnival organized by the Pune community of Mozilla. Mozilla doesn't need an introduction for sure.
The carnival wasn't a one night plan, it was the result of months of hard work. Loads of planning, putting plans into actions, so much of man power into work and now finally we can call the event a success.
Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR) had already been all decorated and set to the mood of Carnival a night ago. 15Th morning began with Sayak Sarkar's speech, giving the audience an informal introduction about Mozilla, its products and its initiatives. Sayak was followed by Ankit Gadgil on the podium. Both Sayak and Ankit explained the crowd the purpose of their gathering, the events lined up for the day and purpose of choosing 15th as the day of this event. 15Th of September is celebrated worldwide as the 'Software freedom' day. Which day have been better to celebrate the success of party of Mozilla Summer Code than this day!
The entire event was divided into two tracks- the 'hands on' sessions and the 'talk' sessions. Both tracks were held simultaneously and the audience had their choice which one to sit for.
There were several very interesting 'hands on' session throughout the day. The computer lab of SICSR was brightened up by Gautamraj sir's session of Webmaker where he taught the audience several web-making tools of Mozilla like Thimble, X-Ray goggle etc. Later that day, several other interesting sessions kept the audience busy. Students and visitors undoubtedly enjoyed being techy for a day. Other awesome hands on session contained Sayak's Open Badges, Banana Bread, Anwesh's web-config and Soumya sir's session on URL and Routing Logic.
The non-techy people who chose to sit through talks also did enjoy their day as there were some awesome talks lined up for the day like the one on Localization by Faizal sirji, Rajesh sir and Aman sir.
The visitors had an awesome opportunity to bag in some awesome Mozilla goodies during the Quiz session held by Vineel sir. Vineel sir's session on Firefox Flicks was really an amazing one.
Now I am left with only one session to talk about. The session on WoMoz. The session conducted by Hema and me. The day when Vineel had asked me to give a talk in MozCarnival on WoMoz, I was excited and at the same time scared. I remember ringing Sayak up in the middle of night asking for his help! As I started my research on WoMoz and on Mozilla, even before realizing, I started getting deeply connected with it. Talking to Melek, listening to Mitchell Baker's interviews.....and so much more. The session finally was way more than just a session. It was right from my heart!
The award came when on 15th night I saw a post on facebook. Shruti, one of the WoMoz attendee had posted that inspired by the WoMoz session, she had started her blog and decided to get involved with Mozilla and WoMoz.
The day ended with Vineel sir's session about how everyone can contribute to Mozilla. MozCarnival had 100+ attendees that day along with 'Mid-day's reporter on campus to cover the event.
Mozilla is so much a part of me now. I sincerely thank Ankit and Sayak for getting me involved into it.

#Photo courtesy: Soumya sir.


Experience at Garudmaachi, a High Places Enterprice

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 11:54 AM

We reached Garudmaachi in the evening. The sky had already started getting dark by the time we reached. The very entry to the place gave a different feeling. It was green all around. Nature had opened its arms to welcome the Msc.CA students of SICSR. We gathered at the lawn and were guided as to where our tents were situated. The tents were very different from what picture one will generally have of tents. These tents can be called as five star tents. It had beds with clean bed-spreads, clean white towels, blankets, 2 clean toilets in each tent. Each tent could house 6 students. There was an envelope on each bed with one soap, one shampoo sachet and a set of needle and threads.
That evening we took our first trip around the High Places campus. The dim lights of dusk made the walk romantic. We all were still stranger to each other, but that beautiful walk was the initial start to the friendship which will now last for a lifetime.
When we got back to the lawn, we were divided into four groups and taken to separate places for a chit chat session and informal introductions. This session acted as a window through which we got a small glance into each other’s views, beliefs and individuality.

I am sure many of us had witnessed the beauty of early morning (6am) after a really long time. We began our day with a morning walk. The early morning breeze and beautiful view of the Kundalika valley made the whole hard task of ‘getting up so early’ totally worth it. We did some warm up exercises and stretches and then returned back for breakfast.
The first task of the day was ‘Passing the ring’. We were made to stand in a circle, holding hands. A tyre ring was introduced into the circle which had to be passed through the entire circle (from one person to another) without breaking the circle. It needed a lot of coordination. Initially it was tough, but as we started to coordinate more and more, even two rings were easily passed (in opposite directions). This game taught us the most important thing of life, give with grace and receive with gratitude.  
The next game was ‘Pipe and Balls’. We had small pieces of pipes. The task was to pass small balls from one end to another by making channels with those pipes. The balls couldn’t be touched, they could only move it one direction and they couldn’t rest at any point. Slightly physical but mostly the game was all about team work. The more coordinated a team was, the better the task went. We just had to do our own task and have trust that the others will also do their own tasks as required.
Next in line was the game of ‘Number tapping’. There were 40 numbers scattered on the floor which were to be tapped with foot in the minimum possible time. No member of the group could speak anything through the game. This game taught us to concentrate. It required sufficient presence of mind and a good strategy. It taught us to make optimum use of resources.
The next was a very interesting game. It was a physical game for sure but also required a great amount of team work. The team had to move from one end of the ground to another. Sounds easy? The twist comes now. There were very limited places where footfalls were allowed in the entire ground. A lot of hurdles had to be crossed and in order for the whole team to cross over, the team had to help each other. Not only did the each member had to help each other, they had to help the other team members as well. The other team had to cross over in the exact opposite direction.
The game that followed lunch was known as the Tower of Hanoi, a very interesting mind game. It consists of three rods, and a number of disks of different sizes which can slide onto any rod. The puzzle starts with the disks in a neat stack in ascending order of size on one rod, the smallest at the top, thus making a conical shape.
The objective of the puzzle was to move the entire stack to another rod, obeying the following rules:
  • Only one disk may be moved at a time.
  • Each move consists of taking the upper disk from one of the rods and sliding it onto another rod, on top of the other disks that may already be present on that rod.
  • No disk may be placed on top of a smaller disk.
There were 5 such stacks. When five different groups started solving the task, it created nuisance beyond imagination. Finally we learn to discipline ourselves, organise ourselves and follow one leader. This was the only way through which each group could achieve its target. We learnt that competition is not always the only option; sometimes only cooperation can lead to success.
The next event was a fully fun event. We had to prepare 2 skits per team (team of 18) which should be for 5 minutes each with the theme line ‘Five years down the line’. I swear I never had so much fun preparing a skit before. We weren’t actors, we weren’t writers, we weren’t directors, but each skit was so beautifully put up that we received the best possible compliment-“The winner team of the task consists of 70 members (the entire crowed of Msc.CA present in the camp)”.
Coming on was one of the best tasks of the entire camp. After the lights of the day had completely vanished, we were sent down to the jungles to find a particular resource, at a fixed destiny. The path was difficult, there were stones, fallen trees, insects, thorny twigs and most importantly complete darkness. We were shown a map, only once, and had to find our way based on that. Again a lot of team work was required. Only when each member of the team was sufficiently courageous to travel the entire path, could we achieve our goal. It was an awesome fun event. We were provided with torches through and to ensure our safely, each team had one High Places’ volunteer accompanying them.
The more colours were added to the night with the bonfire and songs.

Another early start on a new day. At 6.15am, we went out tracking. It was a complete physical task. Climbing hills is not easy, mainly for us who are not used to it at all. By now we were so used to help each other, no one had to instruct us, we simply gave a helping hand to the person in need, knowing well that if we lose balance while helping the next one to climb down, we could be hurt as well. The help came from within, without any selfish intention. The 2 days could now be called a success on the part of High Places.
The next game of the day was called ‘Shepherds and the sheep’. Each team had one shepherd and 8-9 sheeps. The sheeps were blindfolded and scattered all around the ground. The shepherd had to guide each sheep to a destined place but he/she couldn’t use a single human language. First was strategy, and then concentration which were the keys to success. When two teams were made to play the game together, there were some really funny and confusing unhumanly sounds all around.
Many of us did rappelling for the first time in our life here in Garudmaachi. It was thrilling! The first feeling when we lean back entirely supporting our body on the ropes is beyond description. Its more than simple excitement. Its way more.
The concluding activity was a group activity of around 36 people together. There were a set of brings on the ground. Travel was only possible through those bricks. Each brick got alive with the first footfall on it and to remain alive it couldn’t be left without a footfall at any point of time. If a brick died, it couldn’t be used again. There was one red brick at the centre which if died, the game would end right there. First we needed a proper strategy, then a lot of coordination. When several people tried to give their opinions together, it was a total chaos. We had to discipline ourselves in order to move ahead. When the game was almost at a successful end, just a small mistake, one foot picked from the red brick and the whole hard work was in vein. This taught us how one small mistake could at times ruin an entire project.
Never thought small little fun games could teach us some most valuable lessons in life. High Places has come up with a really wonderful concept. Three fun filled days, which will remain engraved in our minds forever.  


Raise a voice....make a difference

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 9:18 PM
Calling you out cause we need a favor, a help.

Was watching "Satyamevjayate" this weekend on star plus, an episode on Sexual Child Abuse. The topic is not new to me, my final year project has also been on the topic of Child Abuse. I have done lots of research on this topic already. Visited NGOs, gone through the 2007 Govt of India's survey and am well aware of statistical reports as well as the cause and remedies. Its huge an issue in the Indian society....huger than we can think of. Its a spot on Raising India's face. There are no laws against sexual child abuse in India till date. But more important than that, cases of sexual child abuse are rarely reported. We know how big a taboo it is in our society, the "log kya kahenge" question stands so big in our society that not only the abused child, but even his or her parents are also scared from talking any action. 

Its not only about sexual child abuse, it can be even a case of physical child abuse or a child neglect.

We, i.e me and 2 of my classmates, had taken up a IBM project last semester which is an online database against child abuse. We have a website ready, where you can come in and lodge your complaints against any form of child abuse witnessed, suspected or undergone. The reports will be forwarded to Indian police for respective actions to be taken. All reported cases can be viewed by registered NGOs who can take up any case and decide to help any child get out of the traumatic situation and head to a better future.

When you can't speak it out loud, we might be able to help you by making the process simpler and easier.
The entire idea behind building this site was to simplify the entire process of registering a child abuse case. 
Bring the issue out, raise a voice, so that an unfortunate child can be helped. The site is not live yet. 

Before taking the site live, I just wanted to know what is everyone's view regarding this? Do you think such a site can make a difference and being a change to the current scenario?
Also, do you think we should add anything more in here, for serving the purpose better?
Friends, just spend 2 minutes of your valuable time and put in a single line feedback. All we wanna do is bring a change, make a difference....we need your help.

(Criticism in all forms are welcome)



Posted by Priyanka Nag on 2:07 AM


This goes down for all chocoholics like me. Today I am gonna tell you about your heaven, so all chocolate lovers, do pay some attention here.
Brugge Chocolate, is your ultimate destiny if you love chocolates as much as I do. There are three Brugge outlets in Pune:

Saraswati Bhavan,
Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune – 411 038 
Mob : 9579246878  

Shop No 5, Shankar Parvati Chambers,
Dhole Patil Road, Pune – 411 001
Phone : 020 65002180

Disha Apartment, 
Niyoshi Park, Sanghvi Nagar. Aundh Pune- 411 007
Mob : 9579246878

Brugge Outlets in itself are so tempting, that once you step in, you surely cannot come out empty handed. The large showrooms are designed and decorated beautifully.

All guys out there, if you want to woo the heart of any girl or ever get confused as to what gift you should give to your girlfriend- go and pick a basket from Brugge. They simply look delicious. I bet no girl can ever refuse it.

Here you will find some awesome Belgian chocolates, Milk chocolates, Dark chocolates and even sugar free chocolates. So even diabetic chocolate lovers will find some ultimate treat here. Most importantly, if you happen to visit Brugge, do not forget to treat yourself with a glass of Chocolate Shot. Trust me when I say, the chocolate shot here is better than those of Chocolate room or Café Chocolade. The smooth chocolate shot here makes you get lost in some chocolaty world like how the Five Start advertisement says.

I cannot rate the place; it’s beyond all ratings as per me. I am simply in love with Brugge. . 


Pune and me

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 4:38 AM

Three long years has passed since I had first come to this city. Belonging to a small town, life had a complete different meaning to me, till this journey began three years back.
 24th June 2009, I jumped out of Azad Hind Express with some huge load on my shoulder. The load was not of the luggage, but of the dreams, of the responsibilities, of the fear of surviving in this huge city, all alone. I knew no one in this city. A complete stranger was this huge city to me. I struggled out of the station, trying to find a way to reach the accommodation which had been pre-booked for me. Not that I was new to a huge and busy station with streams of people flowing in all directions, I have had similar sights in Howrah stations as well, many a times. But then what was new this time that was giving me Goosebumps? The fact that this was the first time I was all alone. This time I wasn’t holding dad’s hand and waiting for him to rescue me out of this crowd to safety. This time I had to manage myself, that’s what my parents had told me when they were swaying me farewell with teary eyes.
Lonely nights and scary days were the beginning of my journey in this city. I was an adult, but probably only by age. The experiences here made me a real adult. I had done my schooling from a convent, where I had spent 13 years of my life. When I say 13 years, it probably describes itself, that school wasn’t a school for me, it was a big huge family where 62 of us siblings had grown up together. Friendship had a completely different meaning. Sharing tiffin, sharing homework, getting punishments together, crying together when any one got scolding….that was friendship to me, rather to us in school. This city redefined friendship to me. Using each other for personal needs, back bitching, jealousy….these were the new definitions I got to learn.
If I end writing here, it will surely be an injustice to whatever the city has given me. No doubt I have had toughest of time here; I also had the time of my life in this very city. It taught me to live life. Life is no fairy tale, but still its worth living. If there are pains, we need to find the joy as well. This city made me fall, skin my knees but at the same time, this very city helped me get up, gave me the medicine.
There is so much I owe to the city and am sure the story will get longer as I continue my journey in this city for at least the coming 2 years.


Making of Unify 2012

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 6:38 AM
(Courtesy: Photographer- Aanand Lonkar)
Unify-Come together, celebrate
Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research did witness the biggest ever Unify this year. 2012 brought along so much glory to SICSR which we had never ever thought of. When I started working for Unify this year, it wasn't even one week past my surgery. When I had visited the first few colleges for unify promotion and registration, my stitches were very much alive inside my mouth. They did hurt but that never succeeded in reducing my enthusiasm even by a single percent. Today, after witnessing the success of Unify 2012, those pains and the hard-work seems to have served its purpose right. 
I have had never seen my college in so many colours, never heard louder cheers in this campus till this year's Unify. 
How Unify 2012,was is known all; so thought of sharing how the preparation of Unify 2012 hadbeen like. I still remember the first mail from Pushkar, asking us to be a part of Unify 2012, talking of December 2011, when it wasn't even decided whether we could make Unify inter-college this year. So many meets, so many debates... finally formed the Unify team.
The actual struggle began after that, hunting sponsors, getting registrations....days spent without food, going around colleges, setting up registration desks in the most sunny and dusty possible areas of the visited colleges. The most horrible part was probably taking follow ups. Calling people and convincing them to be a part of Unify 2012. 
The registration was never over, until the events actually began, but when were left with no new college to visit, we had our own college to decorate and beautify. Hats off to the creative team!!!!! The college never looked this beautiful before. 
17th morning began with an awesome opening ceremony and then when the three days were over, never got a hint of it. Today, sitting free at home, gives a feeling as if something is missing from life. Those beautiful days spent in the making of Unify is whats missing from life!!!
I don't know if I will be fortunate enough to be a member of another Unify, but wherever I am, I will surely try and be present for future 'Unify's.

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