Ada Lovelace Day- My tribute to the power of Women

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Ada Lovelace Day is about sharing stories of women — whether engineers, scientists, technologists or mathematicians — who have inspired both inspired and contributed to the society hugely.
The aim of celebrating this day is to create new role models for girls and women in these male-dominated fields by raising the profile of other women in STEM.
When we say women are at par with men regarding everything, we don't simply say it, we mean it.

On the occasion of Ada Lovelace Day, I thought of paying tribute to a few dynamic ladies in the IT Industry who are my inspiration.
Who better to start with other than Mitchell Baker, the Head & Chairperson of Mozilla Foundation, Chairperson Mozilla Corporation.

Winifred Mitchell Baker, better known simply as Mitchell Baker, is a coordinator of development of the Open Source Mozilla Internet applications.
Baker was trained as a lawyer. She coordinates business and policy issues and sits on both the Mozilla Foundation Board of Directors and the Mozilla Corporation Board of Directors. In 2005, Time magazine included her in its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world and she has been affectionately given the title of "Chief Lizard Wrangler" at the Mozilla Corporation.
Michelle Zatlyn is co-founder of Cloudflare. She was named one of the 2011 Top Women to Watch in Technology by the Huffington Post and one of the Top 15 Women to Watch in Tech by Inc. Magazine.
Ellen Pack, co-founder of appSmitten.com has more than 20 years experience building online and service businesses. She was VP of Marketing for Elance and in the early 1990′s, founded Women.com and grew it into the largest internet destination for women.

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Sicilia...the Italian and Continental lover's paradise!

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Well, if you are a fan of Italian and Continental food like me, you are sure to love Sicilia. Sicilia is a restaurant in D.P Road.
Ground Floor, City Point, 17 Boat Club Road, Dhole Patil Road, Pune.
If you know 'Oh Calcutta!' of D.P. Road, its the same society where you will find Sicilia as well.
An awesome ambiance for a peaceful dining experience. Well decorated and well arranged. There is a bar and in times of celebration, there is a disc as well inside but on quite afternoons, you generally will not notice the 'Best disc in Town' (that is the name of the disc).
The food is great! As I already did mention, if your taste-buds do crave for some food in white sauces or cheese, this place is totally worth a visit.
Its not a very pocket friendly place though, but an occasional visit will surely not be a bad idea.
The 'Lasagne' here is really too tasty and a must try if you are in Sicilia. The 'Bar' here is very nicely decorated, though am not very sure about the availability of the drinks or their quality.

All in all, a great place. If you are looking to impress your partner with some great food and a good ambiance, well this can be an option.


My first Guest Post!!!

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Sometimes its fun to see yourself from a third person view. Awesome idea actually!
Thank you Anwesh Mishra for such wonderful post. I didn't edit any single word from the post, so its completely Anwesh Mishra's version of me!!!
You meet different kinds of people in this world. Some are funny, some are smart, some are stupid, and some are well  . . not worth mentioning. But once, every now and then, you do come across a person who is none of these and, yet somehow, all of these. Yeah, well, that's Priyanka Nag to you.

A quick introduction to Ms. Priyanka, who of course needs no introduction in SICSR, as she's our little star. I think I could go on and on about why she's the star she is, but I guess most of you reading this would already know.

So what is this post about? Well, it's about Priyanka, from a third person point of view. Things you won't know about her, unless you spend a considerable amount of time with her. So here are my top 10 "facts" about her :

  • Priyanka Nag claims to be from Kolkata, but beware, she's not ! She's actually from a town just beside Kolkata, named Hooghly.
  • Priyanka is extremely hard working as is obvious from her star status. But she's an equal lazy person, and delays things indefinitely at times.
  • If you are walking with Priyanka, be very careful, as there will be times, she will be thinking about something or the other and will even walk 10 - 20 steps ahead, without realising that you have stopped.
  • She's always trying to eat her fingers. God knows why !
  • She loves getting wet in the rain, and on some rare occasions, you get to see her out-of-control-completely-drenced behaviour.
  • She is a big time female chauvinist who leaves no chance of discriminating between boys and girls.
  • Her favourite dialogue to her Mom is, "Aami teen bocchor theke Pune te acchi, Ma. Kichu hobe na." (I have been in Pune for 3 years now Mom. Don't worry).
  • She apparently loves puppies, but is scared of dogs.
  • She is very religious in nature and prays to her God for the well - being of everyone.
  • Her smile is one of the most genuine ones I have seen in a long, long time.
I guess that's about it. I know, Priyanka will kill me for this post, and I am even expecting some content to be removed owing to privacy issues. So if you are not reading the original piece, bad luck for you guys. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Cheers !

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A place similar to HEAVEN

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I have been living in Pune for the last 3.5 years....surprising that I never knew this heaven existed. Bored on a Sunday evening, having nothing better to do, my friend took me to a place named 'Veetal Tekdi'. 
It was a little climb from the ground level till we reached the place from where I got a glance of HEAVEN. The moment I crossed the fence and reached the other side, I felt as if I have entered a new world. A world so unearthly, a world so beautiful....a world so WOW!
It was all green, so beautifully green. Long strands of grass, small colorful flowers peeping through those grasses, wherever my eyes could reach, nature was as if draped in all possible colors. The wide blue sky, white sheets of clouds floating, a lake at some depth....I was completely mesmerized!
I could sit there for hours, not get bored, not complain about anything in life. At times, we could witness flocks of birds trying to fly away from the rains. The whole experience was absolutely amazing.
As long as I was there, I didn't realize something called 'WORRY' even existed on this earth. I was so much at peace with nature, hearing each and every sound nature made.
Finally I did find a place where I could escape into whenever feeling like running away from the rest of the world! When too much worries, too much tensions rule life, its the perfect place where one can run away to and forget the rest of the world for a few hours.
I thank my friend for introducing this world to me. So from now on, till the time I am in Pune, if you can't find me in, be sure I am in Veetal Tekdi.

#photo courtesy: Anwesh Mishra


Magical Moments....

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The moment was magical, the situation was magical....everything was as if curved out from some dream. Cinderella and her Prince Charming, sitting next to each other....sitting close to each other. The cool breeze of the evening was brushing past their hair, their face. It all felt so perfect and so wonderful. The moment brought with it so many thoughts, so many desires....but the two lovers just silently sat there-lost in each others' eyes. No one needed to talk, but the conversation was perfectly going on as all the talking was being done by the eyes of the two lovers.
Cinderella wanted to hug her Prince Charming, wanted to tell him how much she loved him, how much he meant to her, how much this moment meant to her. The thoughts of the Prince was also probably the same.
Then what was it that was stopping them from listening to their heart?
The fear of the society and people probably. What if someone sees them? What if they are caught?
Caught? Caught doing what? Caught being in love? Who cared? Is being in love some kind of crime?
So many thoughts were passing randomly in Cinderella's mind. All she could think of was how desperately she wanted her Prince.
Either the cool breeze or the soft rains...one of them was responsible surely for whatever happened next.
Prince Charming suddenly did put his arms around Cinderella and gently put a peck on Cinderella's cheek. Cinderella felt a current running down her spine. It was feeling far beyond words can ever explain. The whole world had as if come to a stand still. It was as if only the two lovers there...so much lost in each other.
Like a cherry on the cake, to make the moment all the more perfect, suddenly the soft drops of rains became louder. The two lovers could have sat there forever in each other's arms and got wet in the pouring shower.....but that was probably not an option right then. Cinderella had to leave.
How hard it was to leave the moment incomplete, to leave her Prince back and go...only Cinderella knew it.
Her steps wouldn't move.
Cinderella got up and turned to go. Suddenly she stopped, came back to her prince, held his hand into hers and softly kissed his cheek. The entire universe was a witness to the eternal love of these lovers. She couldn't wait any longer. She ran away...leaving only hopes that the moment will probably get complete sometime else!

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