Magical Moments....

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 1:17 PM

The moment was magical, the situation was magical....everything was as if curved out from some dream. Cinderella and her Prince Charming, sitting next to each other....sitting close to each other. The cool breeze of the evening was brushing past their hair, their face. It all felt so perfect and so wonderful. The moment brought with it so many thoughts, so many desires....but the two lovers just silently sat there-lost in each others' eyes. No one needed to talk, but the conversation was perfectly going on as all the talking was being done by the eyes of the two lovers.
Cinderella wanted to hug her Prince Charming, wanted to tell him how much she loved him, how much he meant to her, how much this moment meant to her. The thoughts of the Prince was also probably the same.
Then what was it that was stopping them from listening to their heart?
The fear of the society and people probably. What if someone sees them? What if they are caught?
Caught? Caught doing what? Caught being in love? Who cared? Is being in love some kind of crime?
So many thoughts were passing randomly in Cinderella's mind. All she could think of was how desperately she wanted her Prince.
Either the cool breeze or the soft rains...one of them was responsible surely for whatever happened next.
Prince Charming suddenly did put his arms around Cinderella and gently put a peck on Cinderella's cheek. Cinderella felt a current running down her spine. It was feeling far beyond words can ever explain. The whole world had as if come to a stand still. It was as if only the two lovers there...so much lost in each other.
Like a cherry on the cake, to make the moment all the more perfect, suddenly the soft drops of rains became louder. The two lovers could have sat there forever in each other's arms and got wet in the pouring shower.....but that was probably not an option right then. Cinderella had to leave.
How hard it was to leave the moment incomplete, to leave her Prince back and go...only Cinderella knew it.
Her steps wouldn't move.
Cinderella got up and turned to go. Suddenly she stopped, came back to her prince, held his hand into hers and softly kissed his cheek. The entire universe was a witness to the eternal love of these lovers. She couldn't wait any longer. She ran away...leaving only hopes that the moment will probably get complete sometime else!


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