Sicilia...the Italian and Continental lover's paradise!

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 2:57 AM

Well, if you are a fan of Italian and Continental food like me, you are sure to love Sicilia. Sicilia is a restaurant in D.P Road.
Ground Floor, City Point, 17 Boat Club Road, Dhole Patil Road, Pune.
If you know 'Oh Calcutta!' of D.P. Road, its the same society where you will find Sicilia as well.
An awesome ambiance for a peaceful dining experience. Well decorated and well arranged. There is a bar and in times of celebration, there is a disc as well inside but on quite afternoons, you generally will not notice the 'Best disc in Town' (that is the name of the disc).
The food is great! As I already did mention, if your taste-buds do crave for some food in white sauces or cheese, this place is totally worth a visit.
Its not a very pocket friendly place though, but an occasional visit will surely not be a bad idea.
The 'Lasagne' here is really too tasty and a must try if you are in Sicilia. The 'Bar' here is very nicely decorated, though am not very sure about the availability of the drinks or their quality.

All in all, a great place. If you are looking to impress your partner with some great food and a good ambiance, well this can be an option.


1 correction: It's Best Bar In Town.
Yes the place is nice. And about the bar, the selection of wines is pretty nice, so is that of other drinks. Cocktails are worth a try!

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