MDN Doc Sprint and Firefox OS phone demo

When the India trip was being planned, it was Vineel's idea to have an event in Pune as well. This offer could never have been rejected. As the plans started taking shape, 24th of September was the date chosen for a MDN documentation sprint event in Pune.
After Bangalore, I met Ali again on the 23rd, in Pune. Whenever it comes to taking an international guest out for food, we need to do some extra thinking on the food place options. Well, when I took my guest out, I thought I would need to make sure about the spice level in my ordered food. I did need to. But, instead of having to request the chef to decrease the spice level, I had to request him to make the food even spicier.
Well, when I am the event organizer, being on time is the first requirement! With all my efforts, I did manage to get the event started by 10.30am (though delayed by half an hour, keeping the past event records in mind, I wasn't much disappointed). I began the event with a brief introduction to Mozilla as an organization and the mission of Mozilla and then handed it over to Soumya Deb, who addressed the audience with his usual mesmerizing speech on Mozilla India community and the different Mozilla projects. After we novice speakers were done with our sessions, we handed the stage over to Ali. Its then that we had the first official presentation on Firefox OS and the first ever Firefox OS phone demo in Pune. Innumerable questions were being bombarded at us from the super enthusiastic audience. Phew! Thanks to Ali and Deb's awesomeness that none of the questions had to be left unanswered.

Keon being demonstrated

Lunch was simple. To Ali's disappointment, I couldn't manage to get anything spicy this time! Well...MY BAD!
Post lunch we began with our MDN sessions. Ali first introduced the MDN project to our audience and then taught them the different ways in which they could contribute to MDN. When all was said, it was time to get some real work done. The tagging and code writing began in full force. To our surprise, more than 350 tags were added to the documents in MDN.
The event was more successful than I had thought it would be. Like all Mozilla event, we all Mozillians met for dinner that evening to celebrate the success of the event as well as decide on our future prospects and plans.
Saying goodbye is possibly the worst thing on earth and I totally HATE it...but luckily, it wasn't very bad this time as we are all meeting Ali again in a week's time during the summit.


Maker Party@SIMCA

Webmaking is fun but teaching others to make the web is even more fun. This is the exact reason why I couldn't deny the invitation to be a presenter at Maker party which was held at SIMCA on the 21st of September 2013, officially the fourth Maker Party of the season in Pune. I wasn't sure if I could be a good facilitator at this event as I was down with fever and had a real bad throat infection just a night before the event. Somehow I did manage to bring my voice out while standing on the stage and to my surprise, my speech was so clear, no one got any hint of my ill health.

I began the session introducing the crowd to the idea of Open Source, Mozilla as an organization, ways of getting involved with Mozilla and the different Mozilla products.
The tough job was taking the crowd through localization project as being one of the best ways to start contribution. It was not that I was not aware of the topic. Localization had been my first project under Mozilla as well. But the slide being used was supposed to be Ankit's slide for his talk. But unfortunately when he got delayed (due to some unavoidable reasons), I had to fill in. Well, not knowing what the next slide contained and trying to talk on the stage...surprise at every slide change, is not a very comfortable situation to be in. But my being well versed with the topic someone did let me pull it off well...and I hope I didn't let the crowd realize the mess of the situation!
Ankit took the stage next and spoke in details about the Webmaker projects and a bit more in detail about the concept of open web.
Post lunch we did move into the labs for some realtime webmaking and remixing.
The fun part of the remix sessions are the projects in their 'Under construction' phase. I mean, just imagine the sight of someone remixing an Independence day page and trying to make some 'Titanic' page....there comes one hilarious moment when your background is that of the Independence day, with the image of the Indian national flag in background and someone just inserts a picture of 'Jack' and 'Rose' on top of that! Well, couldn't help but break into laughter.
We had some awesome makes by the end of the event and we closed the event by giving out some goodies to the best makers of the day.

My ill health did resume after coming back home....but somehow these events are so very tempting, I cannot say a "NO" to any of these invitations.


Evangelism Reps Training in Bangalore

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I had just returned from Bangalore and the Banglore fever was yet not completely out of my head when one morning I got a call from Galaxy asking me about my travel preferences to Bangalore. I was kind of confused till Galaxy went ahead to explain me about the Reps Evangelism training which was scheduled on the 17th and 18th of September in RedHat,Bangalore. Yipeeee!!! RedHat office was sufficient a reason for me to start packing my bags again :P

As usual, it was the last flight that I took to Bangalore and reached my hotel at around 2am on 17th night (or some people might like to call it morning).
On 17th, we reached RedHat office by 10.30am. It was a campus worth working in! The office was on the 11th floor and the view from the cafeteria of the office was simply breadth taking.

Our session for the day began with  Chris Heilmann's smiling face and warm welcome note. Along with Chris, Robert Nyam and Ali Spivak's presence in the room did fill the room up with life.
Learning has no limits! I must have had made some 30+ presentations in my life, but watching Chris on the stage and hearning him talk made me realize how much in the alpha stage I still am in.
It was not a series of boring lectures, it was one of the most interactive sessions I have ever been a part of. We didn't play the role of passive listeners only, we also did act as active presenters, occupying the stage, one group at a time. Well, when off the stage we made an awesome team, our group didn't need extra effort to be the best on stage. Thanks to Kaustav Das Modak and Sayak Sarkar for being the awesomest possible team-mates.

At RedHat office, Bangalore....attendees of Evangelism Reps training

I have been going around with a Keon for some 3+ months now, but never knew the best way it could be displayed to friends. After Ali's session, I guess I will do a better job at showing off my new possession to the world.
When the session finally came to an end on 18th, I didn't feel like packing my back up for getting back!

I feel lucky to have been able to attend this training and am eagerly waiting to meet Ali again in Pune on the 23rd :)


Maker Party Bangalore - Hive Pop-up 2013

When I reached Bangalore, it was 12.30am. When I had boarded the flight, it was 5th of September, but by the time I had landed, it was 6th already. Whenever it comes to some Mozilla event, I don't know from where, some unknown energy seems to hit us all. At this late hour of night, no one seemed to be tired. By the time I did reach my room, it was 2.30am.
Our morning started at 6am. We were at the venue by 8.30am. It was at Jaaga (our hangout destination for the next two days) that I met Michelle for the first time. A lady whose enthusiasm, energy and smile seemed to be spreading like a viral among all the Mozillians present for the 'Train the trainer session' of 6th. We began the day with a small ice-breaking session where each Mozillian introduced himself (or herself) and wrote a small note about what he (or she) expected to take back after these two days event. Well, when it comes to writing, I somehow get a bit too much charged up which ended up making my note the lengthiest of the lot.
I have always loved to teach, but being a good teaching is not very easy. And thus, for me, each moment of Train the trainer session was very important. The teaching part began with Ankit Gadgil's session on Thimble, followed by Sayak Sarkar's session on X-ray goggles and finally ended with Gauthamraj's session on pop-corn maker. Each community was responsible for making a small popcorn video through which the community was to state its story.
In the afternoon, we met all our partners who were to be a part of the Hive initiatives and interacted with them in groups. There ideas, there motto, their presentations...everything was so mesmerizing.
The evening was super-fun when the super-mentors tried teaching 'Webmaking' to their mentees and then the mentees tried teaching 'Webmaking' to each other. It was during this session that I did have the devilish idea of spoiling(remixing) the very site of our super-mentor,Sayak ;)
The fun loaded day ended with a great dinner. While getting into bed that night, I had absolutely no idea that the next morning had even more fun awaiting us.

Mozilla India community....with Michelle at Jaaga

The weather of Bangalore on the 7th was so very pleasant,it felt as if nature had also decided to join the Hive India party. An early start it was. The partners did arrive by 9am and Jaaga's doors were opened for public by 10am. There were stalls put up by our partners as well as stalls of the Mozillians were we were trying to teach 'Webmaking' to our guests. It was on this day that I realized how much fun teaching can be. It was like teaching to build and remix the web to everyone....starting from a kid who was as young as 5 years old to his teacher who was probably in her late 50s. It was AMAZING! Every moment was an experience which is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

@Cutney Chang....post event dinner party

Well, I will preferably end my blog here and not get into the after event moments. As Vineel says-"What Happens at Bangalore, Stays at Bangalore".


RMySQL troubleshooting in Ubuntu

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RMySQL package installation is no longer as easy as it used to be with the previous versions. The simple install.packages("RMySQL") no longer works like a magic! 
If you try this command on your latest R version, you are likely to get the following errors:

Configuration error:
"could not find the MySQL installation include and/or library directories. Manually specify the location of the MySQL libraries and the header files and re-run R CMD INSTALL."

I have found the solution to this problem. You can also try this and see if your problem is being solved.

Some simple steps are:
  • Get mysql-connector-c-6.0.2-linux-glibc2.3-x86-64bit from this link here
  • Un-tar the contents in your downloaded folder.
  • There you will get two folders- 'library' and 'include'.  
  • on your /usr/local/include folder you will need to copy the contents of the 'library' and 'include' folder (copy the contents in the 'include' and 'library' folders respectively). 
  • inside your /usr/local/include folder, you will need to make a new directory "mysql" and there need to run the following commands:
    • cp -R '/home/username/Downloads/mysql-connector-c-6.0.2-linux-glibc2.3-x86-64bit/include/.' '/usr/local/lib64/R/include/.'  
    • cp -R '/home/username/Downloads/mysql-connector-c-6.0.2-linux-glibc2.3-x86-64bit/lib/.' '/usr/local/lib64/R/lib/.'
  •  After this, try the command  R CMD INSTALL MySQL_0.9-3.tar.gz (or whichever version you have downloaded.
  • After all of these processes are done, switch to your R console and try library(RMySQL). If you get the "Loading required package: DBI", your job is done!
You will need to install these other packages as well:
  • sudo apt-get install r-cran-rmysql
  • sudo apt-get install r-cran-dbi
Hope this helps. If there are errors in this or if you have a better solution to this, please share that in comments.


MakerParty ,SKNCOE

The first time we were having lunch together, Aman had enquired, out of shear curiosity, if it was possible to have a Mozilla event in his college? The next time we had lunch together, it was in his college...during the lunch break of the first Mozilla event at SMT.KASHIBAI NAVALE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (SKNCOE), Pune. Thats how events are planned here....online, through chats and whatApp messages.

On the last day of the month of August, the Pune Mozillians had gathered at SKNCOE's IT department to address the third year students, introducing them to Open Source, to Mozilla and finally to Webmaker.

These days, whenever I go down to different colleges as a speaker, I kind of get surprised (rather should say SHOCKED) by the amount of hospitality I receive from the organizers.

The event began with Aman's (the event coordinator from SKNCOE) opening speech and felicitation of the Mozillians. Well, the red roses did immediately light up my day ;)

The morning session mainly consisted of talks where the students were first introduced to Open Source and Mozilla as an organization by Ankit Gadgil. I went ahead to share with the crowd the different Mozilla products, the projects and the ways to get involved with Mozilla. Next it was Aniket who told the crowd about the Firefox Student Ambassador program. Well, sadly, this time I didn't get a chance to talk on my favourite topic but Diwanshi Pandey actually did an awesome job talking about WoMoz, so no regrets.

The afternoon session was conducted in the labs. We were given two labs. It was during lunch that suddenly this idea clicked me, to have all the ladies gathered in one lab and work together. What could be better for the ladies than experiencing the very purpose of WoMoz!
All the participants actually did a great job. Some of the awesome makes can be found here
This is amazing how at every Webmaker event, I kind of find it difficult to end the event. We always go beyond the scheduled time and the participants never want to stop! Thimble is that addictive!
But, unfortunately, every good thing need to come to an end, so did our event. Some goodies were distributed to the candidates who made some awesome remixes and also to the volunteers whose help and untiring efforts made the event a grand success.

From the feedback of the event, I am expecting a Firefox club to be coming up in this college very soon. We already have a Firefox Student Ambassador from the college, Aman Sehgal, who will be taking care of the Firefox Club here.
Expecting to get some awesome Mozillians from SKNCOE.

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