Embedding Scrollback on your personal website

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If you are not already aware of what Scrollback is, here is a small introduction to Scrollback.
"Scrollback is a beautiful, open source text chat service designed for communities. Scrollback chat rooms can be embedded in websites and linked with Twitter hashtags or IRC channels." [You can visit the Scrollback site for a better understanding].

Many community websites and personal websites have adopted Scrollback and embedded it into their sites. A great example for this is the Mozilla India website.

Here are a few simple steps following which you can easily embed Scrollback in your personal website.

Step 1: On the Scrollback website, create your own chat room. This chat-room will be the one which will get embedded into your site.

The modal window where you can name your room as per your needs
Step 2: Once the room is created, you will automatically be re-directed to your room's page. On your room’s page, the left column will have all information about your room along with an option to 'embed script'.

Click on embed script icon to get the modal window for copying the JavaScript

Step 3: Copy the entire script that appears in the small grey window.

The modal window containing the script which you need to add to your website
 Step 4: On your personal website's code, you will simply need to paste the script before the closing '</head>' tag.

I tried doing something very similar this afternoon on my personal website (priynag.in)

A simple example of how to add the code patch can be found here.

If you have a wordpress site, you might need to follow a bit different process to get Scrollback on your website. You might find some help here for that.

If you still have some problem or want to talk to the Scrollback them, you might find them here.


MozCamp India 2014...a few FAQs answered here

I am sure many of you have received an email last day whose subject line was "Invitation to MozCamp Beta India". I am not sure if you were surprised (or confused) with the 'Beta' word and its significance in the event name.

Personally, I have never been to a MozCamp before but what I understand after my conversations with several former MozCamp attendees (please correct me if I am wrong), it used to be a gathering for all Mozillians of a region (mostly continent level) to be able to interact with each other. People who have been working virtually were given a chance to meet in reality during this. Also,these MozCamps used to focus a lot on cross community interactions and cross-cultural learnings.

The structure of MozCamp is getting a bit modified from this year. Starting this year, MozCamp is going to be more like a 'Train the trainer' sort of event. Unlike previous MozCamps, not all active Mozillians will be called down to attend a MozCamp. Only selected ones will be invited to come and get trained to be better trainers in respective pathways (task-forces as we call them in India) and will also be responsible to recruit new Mozillians in their respective communities.

Why this new design of MozCamp?

If you remember, one of the biggest goal for Mozilla this year is, getting a million Mozillians. And only an active Mozilla global community can make this dream come true. Inorder to do that, we will need a lot of Mozillians to be able to host events, train (and mentor) newcomers and keep encouraging new people to be a part of this awesome community.

How are the participants of a MozCamp going to be selected?

In general, the plan is to make this process application based (i.e. Mozillians will apply to be a part of MozCamp and from the list of applicants, selection will be done). But for MozCamp India we didn't have sufficient time for an application process and thus the pathway and community leaders together nominated the probable applicants and then these nominations were voted to be final participants.
Ofcourse all of these were not done randomly, there were some definite pre-requisites for the formation of this participant list. Please check this wiki page for the invitation criteria for the MozCamp Beta India.

Why is the "Beta" tag attached to the event name?

Since MozCamp is being restructured, the first event in India is going to be like a test version of the original ones. The new structure, the content covered and also the overall conduction of this event are the major testing criteria. Thus, just like a software release is preceded by a 'beta' release, before the original MozCamps, we are having the 'beta' event.

Will there be other MozCamps after the beta one this year?
Yes. Just like we used to have, we will continue having MozCamp Asia, Europe Latin America and all the other ones. And yes the Indian participants will again be invited to attend MozCamp Asia but since you will be already trained once, get prepared to hold more responsibilities in the bigger MozCamp.

What is the venue for MozCamp India?
June 20 - June 22, 2014 in Bangalore, India
JW Marriott
24/1, Vittal Mallya Rd, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001, India
For more information, you can refer to this wiki page.

What is there in it for the community?

This is probably the most important question we should all ask ourselves. One of the main reasons why India was chosen as the venue for test run was the active contribution from this region of the globe. When an event of this scale was being planned in less than 6 weeks time, it was a challenge for the entire community to get together and make this happen and yes, we have boldly accepted the challenge. The Indian community (I believe) has all the skill-set required to make this event a super success.

So, before I conclude, I would like to remind you that incase if you have not received an invitation for this MozCamp beta, its no way an implication that you are not awesome or your contribution is not being valued. There was a limitation on the number of participants that could be included in MozCamp India and thus, there might be some criteria based on which someone else had to be accommodated this time.


My first two working days at Scrollback...spent at RootConf

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My first two days in Scrollback started a bit differently than all other conventional "first day" at office experiences. I was lucky to have been able to skip my office desk for the first two days and place myself in the MLR Convention Centre, Bangalore to be a part of RootConf 2014. I wasn't an attendee, rather wore a proud "Crew" badge for 2 days and did help the HasGeek team in the conduction of the event for two days.

DevOps is not much of my domain and honestly, I do not understand much of it either. I didn't spend too much time inside the auditorium as well, I ended up spending most of my time outside it. I was officially supposed to be in the T-shirt stall to give away (not free) T-shirts but I guess I could be blamed for lingering around for most of the time, catching hold of awesome people and bugging them with some random stuff.

I did learn a lot of stuff which will include T-shirt folding, arranging them, counting them...so anyone opening a new T-shirt store and looking to hire a part time (skilled) employee, can contact me. (Oh ya, I have learnt to use the card payment machine as well...so thats like a added point to the sells-girl profile) ;)
Well, jokes apart, I did meet some awesome people during these two days and did manage to proudly show myself off to them as a new member of the Scrollback team.
If you were looking for a technical update of the conference, I am sorry to have wasted your time, you will probably need to read someone else's blog post for that part.

I would say I am loving Bangalore already. Finally, from Monday, I am looking forward to get my hands a little dirty with the code-base of Scrollback.

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