A stranger made me smile today....

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This evening, when I left from work, I was a little disturbed. The last few days had not been very happy ones. The turbulence in life had made me depressed...left me lonely!

It was drizzling. The honking of vehicles and happy cheers of people, returning home, made me feel uneasy. I wasn't exactly looking forward to going home. I knew no one was waiting for my back at my empty room. I just kept walking, ignoring the noise all around. Even the slight drops of rain felt irritating today.

Too many thoughts were running in my mind. Betrayals, disappointments, heartbreaks...too many unpleasant thoughts were hitting my brain like waves of tsunami.The more I was trying to push them off, they more powerfully they were hitting me back.

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In between this mental struggle, when every breathe felt like a heavy sigh of distress, someone called me from behind - "Ajao. Mai tumko drop kar deti hoon." (Come, let me drop you home). I turned back. There was a lady on a scooter, calling me to hop on to the empty seat of her vehicle. I was definitely seeing that face for the first time. I felt a little hesitant to take lift from a stranger. Moreover, I didn't really need a ride. I politely denied, with a smile. She spoke again - "Ajao. Don't worry. Mai bhi usi taraf ja rahi hoon (pointing her finger in the direction of the road I was walking towards). Barish bhi ho rahi hai. Yeh rasta utna safe nahi hai. Akele mat chalo." (Don't worry, come along. I am also going in the same direction as you. Its raining and this road is not a very safe one. Don't walk alone here). This time, I couldn't deny. I hopped on.

In just ten minutes of the ride, I got to know that she owns a beauty parlour and was returning home after completing her work there. I spoke a little about my job and my life at Pune. It turned out, that she stays in the same lane as I do, just a few blocks away from my building. I showed her my place and invited her to come over sometime during some weekend. She dropped me at the gate, and departed with a smile. I smiled back, saying - "Thank you tai." (Thank you, sister).

Its strange, how we meet new people and how life shows us its beautiful colours, when we expect it least. I returned home with a smile. Not feeling lonely any more. I just befriended a stranger. 

Thats how I met my new friend today...Sangita!


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