Broken heart and broken people

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I was watching a stand-up comedy act on my laptop last night. Somewhere between his light-hearted jokes, the comedian Zakir Khan said something that struck me real hard - “We are a generation of broken heart and broken people.”  I couldn’t continue the episode. I paused the show and started thinking. This one simple statement... it's so strong and so true indeed!

When I was a teenager (not too long back of course), I used to read a lot of love stories. I used to be a strong believer in love! I always thought and believed that love was a feeling... it's illogical... it's impractical... it's magical! I used to believe that this is the kind of love I deserved too….that this is the kind of love I will find someday in life! 

Slowly, as I grew up...the bubbles I used to live in started bursting one by one. I had a couple of bad relationships. I got my heart broken a few times. I got advised to “GROW UP”! It took some time to understand what that even meant. 

I never realized when love had turned from being a feeling to a well-thought decision...from being illogical to all about being practical...from being magical to being mature! This broken generation that we are, we no more feel love as the way our books had once talked about it. 

As I grew up and the world around me ordered me to be more mature; I realized that I am no more allowed to be dreamy…I am no more allowed to be silly in love...I am no more allowed to feel those butterflies in my stomach. Well, you know what, I am actually not even allowed to love the way I once wanted to love! I am chained by the world...by the society...and even by my lover.

When I sat lost in these thoughts last evening, I saw my teenage self...standing somewhere far off. Staring at me, with deep watery eyes. “You said you would never stop believing in love. Then why did you give in to the demands of the world?” she asked. I had no answer for her. Maybe, someday, I will be able to break all rules and let that teenage me take control again. Maybe! 


What not to miss at this year's MozFest!

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If you are planning to be there at MozFest, one thing you can definitely not miss….is the Web Literacy space. 

I will give you 5 reasons why:

  • You can never know enough about the growing web. Whether you are just getting started on the world wide web or you are a web ninja...we promise at least one new learning for you at the Web Literacy space this year!

  • The space decor will take you through a journey of the development of technology. Let's travel together right from the era of dot matrix printers to the today’s age of pocket printers!

  • You will find your soul mates here! No, we are not gonna be running a matchmaking campaign...that's not what I am talking about. What I am referring to is our hangout space where like-minded people will get a chance of interacting, sharing ideas and building new things together.

  • If at any point of time you need a break from the knowledge heavy sessions and interactions at MozFest, you are welcome to come and join us at the Web Literacy space for some quiet time of playing fun games...ALONE! Yes, we promise we will let you have a little “me time” even in the middle of this busy, noisy festival.

  • The last...but the most important reason. It's not we who are going to run the Web Literacy space...it's gonna be you! Bring in your ideas, bring in your experiences. We will just be there to help you build this space.

Now that you are convinced, hurry up and send your proposals for MozFest 2018 soon! Submit a session for the Web Literacy space at - https://mozillafestival.org/proposals.

Hope to see you at MozFest!

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