One Night @ the Singapore Hospital

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 11:40 PM
When coming to Sinagpore, there were many things that I hadn't planned but they had just happened down the time, giving me some new experience every time. But if I were to pick up the strongest one which had the greatest impact on my life, it would be the Night out at Alexandra Hospital, Singapore. One of my friends caught Pneumonia and had to be admitted in the hospital under emergency. Her parents couldn't come down from India obviously in such a hurry, so we students had to take up the responsibility of taking care of her. After the day end, I decided to stay back with her for the night. 
It wasn't my first night out at some hospital. I had had one in Pune also. But situation was very different this time. In Pune, I wasn't alone all night, this time I was. In Pune it was a private room where my friend had been admitted but this time it was a general ward. Her bed was surrounded by some 5 more beds in the same cubical. All other beds were occupied by old ladies, who were around past 70 years of age for sure. My night was spent in not only taking are of my friend but also in observing these helpless souls. One of these old ladies was getting so restless and trying to get out of the bed that she had to be tied down to the bed. I could hear her cries, her begging to set her free. I couldn't understand her language but could surely understand what she was trying to say. She was so helpless..but you know who was more helpless than her? Me. I so wanted to let her free...give her some peace but I couldn't do anything.
There was another lady, who tried to get out of her bed. I was observing her for a long time. She was trying but was failing. Finally she suddenly managed to get down. She was at the verge of falling down and I just ran to hold her. If I would havebeen late by a few seconds, she might have fallen down. The situation was even worse after I did help her. She couldn't understand English and I couldn't understand her language. I tried to tell her to sit down and kept on trying to tell me something that I couldn't understand. I got tears in my eyes. I called out for the nurse. Till the nurse arrived, for those 3-4 mins when she was hugging me, I could hear her sobs...I could hear mine too. Who was she to me? Why was I crying for her? My whole night was spent just observing them. They couldn't express properly what their problem was, what they wanted. They had to be pampered like a child. 
While just drowsing, I would be waken by sudden cry of someone, sometimes by the voices of the doctors, trying hard to console these poor beings. In the middle of them all, I was the only one who was in all her senses but still couldn't help anyone in anyway. These old people didn't have much visitors, no one to accompany them through the night. What could I have done to save them from the pain? 
I can still feel their pain in my heart. I don't think I have any courage left in me to accompany my friend for an entire night again in the same place.


Love in the air

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 1:01 AM

I am no poet to describe love in the romantic and poetic form, I am just an ordinary person, who experiences this beautiful feeling everyday of her life. "Love was God's plan, when he made man...God's divine nature is love"-these lines are from Christian hymn book.
Many times I had been wondering what exactly love is? Defined in innumerable ways by innumerable people, but yet so unclear. Its probably felt and taken differently by every different person. Since the first day of our birth, we had been experiencing this beautiful feeling. The first peck on my cheek, holding me in her arms; my mother had expressed her LOVE for me. Every story that dad had told me, every time he had held my fingers to teach me to walk, he had expressed his LOVE for me. Every time my sister approached me with her problem or quietly just whispered in her secrets into my ears, she has expressed her LOVE for me.Each time, I have done well, the patting on my back was nothing but my teacher's LOVE for me. Every single hit on my head, every bite of food that I had shared, were nothing but showers of LOVE from all my friends throughout my life. 
When our tears bring tears to someone else's eye, its the feeling of LOVE....when our smile lights another's heart, its the feeling of LOVE. Love is present in all the universe, then why ever feel unloved? 

Our life becomes so much more precious, the moment we realize how expensive it is to others. So many smiles are dependent on our smile, no many heart beats are directly attached to our heart beats. From the first smile to the last breath, every moment we are surrounded by love, no one can ever run away from it; its just that we often fail to recognize it and thus fail to feel it. Every moment its worth analyzing and thanking each one who LOVES you so dearly and in turn, go tell them-"I love you too..."


Life in NTU

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 12:55 AM
I had come to Singapore on the 17th of January, 2011; as an exchange student from Symbiosis, India. When I had arrived in Singapore, I had several dreams and aspirations. I had come so many miles away, wanted to achieve something really worth taking back home. I still have that dream and aspiration in me. NTU, Nanyang Technological University, unfolds its hidden beauty every single day to me. The first day I went to college here, I was scared, scared of the work load here, scared of the new environment, scared of the new language, scared of everything.
Almost 2 months have passed now, I have almost reached half way through my journey here...explored much, had many experiences (not all of them were good, but majority of them were). Today, when I try to look back at these 2 months, I find myself really lucky. Back in my home university, I never got so much exposure to all new Industry oriented subjects like 'Computer Graphics' or 'Computer Game Programming'. They are obviously not easy modules for me, they are like challenges which I have taken up. But these challenges are fun to go through. Other than the academic part, leading life in an institute which is rightly a multi-cultural institute, is another challenge and fun. Initially, I used to worry about how to get along with people whose language I dont understand, whose food I dont eat, who are from a completely different upbringing than I am, but now, I am so emotionally attached to these people here that when I am back in India, I will really be struggling to get back to a life where they never existed.
Really cant think of going back right now...rather the 2 and half months that I am left with, I wanna get maximum possible out of it, I wanna squeeze out all the possible flavors and wrap them up in golden memories and preserve them forever in my life's book of the 'Best things ever'...



Posted by Priyanka Nag on 12:38 AM
Well, I am sure the meaning of IVY is unknown to many. IVY basically means 'Evergreen'. Life for me is like that, evergreen and ever changing. Each day a new. Not all days are equally happy ones or memorable ones but each day leaves behind some new teachings, some new experience. Like said many time-"Har paal yaha ji bhar jiyo, jo hai sama kal ho na ho". I live life that way. Evergreen doesnt mean I am talking about not getting old etc, I am not challenging the scientific ways of life but for me, being evergreen means, being enthusiastic. We physically cant, but the heart can be young always...forever. Thats what IVY means to me. 

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