Love in the air

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 1:01 AM

I am no poet to describe love in the romantic and poetic form, I am just an ordinary person, who experiences this beautiful feeling everyday of her life. "Love was God's plan, when he made man...God's divine nature is love"-these lines are from Christian hymn book.
Many times I had been wondering what exactly love is? Defined in innumerable ways by innumerable people, but yet so unclear. Its probably felt and taken differently by every different person. Since the first day of our birth, we had been experiencing this beautiful feeling. The first peck on my cheek, holding me in her arms; my mother had expressed her LOVE for me. Every story that dad had told me, every time he had held my fingers to teach me to walk, he had expressed his LOVE for me. Every time my sister approached me with her problem or quietly just whispered in her secrets into my ears, she has expressed her LOVE for me.Each time, I have done well, the patting on my back was nothing but my teacher's LOVE for me. Every single hit on my head, every bite of food that I had shared, were nothing but showers of LOVE from all my friends throughout my life. 
When our tears bring tears to someone else's eye, its the feeling of LOVE....when our smile lights another's heart, its the feeling of LOVE. Love is present in all the universe, then why ever feel unloved? 

Our life becomes so much more precious, the moment we realize how expensive it is to others. So many smiles are dependent on our smile, no many heart beats are directly attached to our heart beats. From the first smile to the last breath, every moment we are surrounded by love, no one can ever run away from it; its just that we often fail to recognize it and thus fail to feel it. Every moment its worth analyzing and thanking each one who LOVES you so dearly and in turn, go tell them-"I love you too..."


nice 1 priyanka! :)
it touched! :)

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