Are we happier than our previous generation?

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 8:22 AM
Today's topic that I am planning to write on is a very controversial topic. Theres a big debate all the time whether we are happier than are previous generations. Somehow I have found most people going against the motion i.e believing that we are not happier than our parents or grandparents. But I strongly support the motion. Theres a very famous saying that "standing on one bank of the river, the other bank always seems greener." Similarly. we often think that the previous generation had a happier life simply because they had a simpler life. 
Here are certain points to support and back my thoughts about us being happier than the previous generation.

First and foremost I would like to bring up the topic of present day women, they obviously lead a happier life than their mothers and grandmothers did. We finally have the hard-won rights, opportunities, and advantages. Today's women, unlike our previous generation, have the liberty to choose whichever life they’d like.Women today at least are very actively participating in the decisions that will affect their lives versus being treated like the chattel that they were mere generations ago.

Not only women, I do believe that even people today are happier at their work places than what they had been a few decades back. This generation is basically free from the 9 to 5 time table. They can work any time from anywhere due to the flexibility of technology. Moreover today’s generation wants to collaborate in work place and they do make use of collaborating tools such as ‘Facebook’ rather than simply following some rules of unproductive hierarchy.

After all the above points, I think I would be able to convince people at least rise a thought into all those minds who strongly believe that this generation is not as happy as the previous one.


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