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Posted by Priyanka Nag on 10:16 PM
Today on this occasion of Independence Day, there are a whole lot of thoughts that are hitting my mind. Every single day of our life, we keep complaining about this country, about its corruption, about how dirty and unorganized this place it and so on. On 15th August every year, we get up, go hoist the flag, feel very proud to be an Indian for a day, enjoy the holiday and then again back to square one...all our complaints begin again.
Did  even I ever stop to think why am I complaining? This is my country and whatever it is today, its me who is responsible for it...no one else. Its me who needs to take up the initiative to make it a better place. Have I done my job before I place my complaints? If I haven't, then do I have the right to complain?
If my house is filled with dirt and garbage, I am not suppose to complain or leave my home and shift to a better place...I am suppose to clean up my house. But what are we doing with our motherland then?
Getting a better opportunity outside India, and happily going and settling there does make our lives better but does that benefit our country in anyway? Are we not responsible to make India how we want our grandchildren to know India as?
Today, on this occasion, I am not celebrating this day as the last day of my extended weekend but the day from which I promise to do my duty to my country. May be in small steps, may be it wont make a big difference, but atleast I will try....and keep trying till I convince others to also join me to make a change.
Changes are to be made....they are not to be waited for.


all the best Valu!!!
I support! :)

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