It’s a strange world

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 4:26 AM

I was in London for the 41st World Skills Competition 2011, last week. It was like a living a dream, all the lights of the world was in my arms.
We were given a grand welcome in O2, one of the world’s biggest auditoriums. The very thought of sharing roof with thousands of talented candidates from more than 45 nations from around the world mesmerised me. What a small small world! In present days of globalization,working together on the same project with so many different people from so many different religions, so many different beliefs; its not that big a deal. Sharing lunch together, drinking and dancing together, laughing our days out together, it all feels so wonderful. There seems to be no bar of differentiation between human beings anymore on the basis of race, religion, nation and all unimportant things.
The belief and the feeling were good, until I was introduced with ‘REALITY’. We were sitting in the bus, quite late at night, celebrating our end of competition days.  A lady walks in with 2 little, cute children and occupies the sit next to mine. The little child in the arms gives me a smile from behind the mummy’s elbows. Without giving a second thought, I rush to play with the child, to place a kiss on his cheek, to rub my hands on his cheek……when I hear a warning from behind me. My friend, who had occupied the seat behind me, beckons and says-“pagal hai kya? Haat mat lagana. Tereko pitenge sab log milke. Ye log humpe trust nahi karte hai pagal. Kuch mat kar. Dekh bhi mat. Kuch bhi ho gaya, to blame humpe ayega.”
The call of reality brought me back to ground. I felt tears in my eyes. Which is the true face of this hypocrite world, the one I had seen throughout the competition or the one I am introduced to today?


acc. to me the one you saw in previously was reel reality, and the latter one was real reality.

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