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Posted by Priyanka Nag on 9:18 PM
Calling you out cause we need a favor, a help.

Was watching "Satyamevjayate" this weekend on star plus, an episode on Sexual Child Abuse. The topic is not new to me, my final year project has also been on the topic of Child Abuse. I have done lots of research on this topic already. Visited NGOs, gone through the 2007 Govt of India's survey and am well aware of statistical reports as well as the cause and remedies. Its huge an issue in the Indian society....huger than we can think of. Its a spot on Raising India's face. There are no laws against sexual child abuse in India till date. But more important than that, cases of sexual child abuse are rarely reported. We know how big a taboo it is in our society, the "log kya kahenge" question stands so big in our society that not only the abused child, but even his or her parents are also scared from talking any action. 

Its not only about sexual child abuse, it can be even a case of physical child abuse or a child neglect.

We, i.e me and 2 of my classmates, had taken up a IBM project last semester which is an online database against child abuse. We have a website ready, where you can come in and lodge your complaints against any form of child abuse witnessed, suspected or undergone. The reports will be forwarded to Indian police for respective actions to be taken. All reported cases can be viewed by registered NGOs who can take up any case and decide to help any child get out of the traumatic situation and head to a better future.

When you can't speak it out loud, we might be able to help you by making the process simpler and easier.
The entire idea behind building this site was to simplify the entire process of registering a child abuse case. 
Bring the issue out, raise a voice, so that an unfortunate child can be helped. The site is not live yet. 

Before taking the site live, I just wanted to know what is everyone's view regarding this? Do you think such a site can make a difference and being a change to the current scenario?
Also, do you think we should add anything more in here, for serving the purpose better?
Friends, just spend 2 minutes of your valuable time and put in a single line feedback. All we wanna do is bring a change, make a difference....we need your help.

(Criticism in all forms are welcome)


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