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Posted by Priyanka Nag on 4:08 AM
Wrote so much....but never wrote about myself. Today, on a not so beautiful Sunday morning, got sometime to talk to myself and so thought of writing about myself for a change.
Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this Sunday to call it a not to beautiful Sunday other than the fact that I didn't step outside my room since morning to look at its beauty.

After a long time, I did spend a day with no one else but myself. I sat and completed my assignment, but those were not sufficiently sufficient to keep me occupied  enough. When done with all work, thought of speaking to myself today. Long time since I last listened to my heart.

All interviewers' have a favourite question, always-"Tell us about yourself" and all interviewees have a per-defined answer to that question. I have one too....but I actually am a bit more than that answer simply.

What am I? Who am I?
I am a dreamer! I am a philosopher.
Well, actually thinking of it in a not so poetic way, I am a person who likes to dream....dream a lot and then chase those dreams. Ever filmy. All Bollywood masalas and Mills&Boons rule my head...totally!

For me, happiness lies in the simplest and smallest of things. The rising orange sun, the meting view of the evening sky, the smoothest drops of the rains, the softest petals of the flowers, the innocent smile of a child, the taste of melting ice-creams...

Sometimes I am a typical girl...a girl who loves being loved and cared. A girl who loves hugging her teddy bear, a girl who loves yellow flowers, a girl who everyday dreams about her prince charming. Again at times, I am so much not a typical girl....no sense of dressing, no love for shopping, no beauty knowledge!!!

That was my dreamy part. But sometimes I am a lady. A lady who likes to fight her way out....who likes success. A lady who understands her responsibilities and knows to care for others.

I am a complete bag of mixed personalities. The problem only lies in the fact that the balance in the mix is always not proportionate. Sometimes I am too sentimental (well, most of the times I am too sentimental), sometimes too demanding and sometimes just running away from problems and life.

So thats me...too stubborn, over loving....but life of my friends and my pappa's princess!!!!


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