A place similar to HEAVEN

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 6:41 AM

I have been living in Pune for the last 3.5 years....surprising that I never knew this heaven existed. Bored on a Sunday evening, having nothing better to do, my friend took me to a place named 'Veetal Tekdi'. 
It was a little climb from the ground level till we reached the place from where I got a glance of HEAVEN. The moment I crossed the fence and reached the other side, I felt as if I have entered a new world. A world so unearthly, a world so beautiful....a world so WOW!
It was all green, so beautifully green. Long strands of grass, small colorful flowers peeping through those grasses, wherever my eyes could reach, nature was as if draped in all possible colors. The wide blue sky, white sheets of clouds floating, a lake at some depth....I was completely mesmerized!
I could sit there for hours, not get bored, not complain about anything in life. At times, we could witness flocks of birds trying to fly away from the rains. The whole experience was absolutely amazing.
As long as I was there, I didn't realize something called 'WORRY' even existed on this earth. I was so much at peace with nature, hearing each and every sound nature made.
Finally I did find a place where I could escape into whenever feeling like running away from the rest of the world! When too much worries, too much tensions rule life, its the perfect place where one can run away to and forget the rest of the world for a few hours.
I thank my friend for introducing this world to me. So from now on, till the time I am in Pune, if you can't find me in, be sure I am in Veetal Tekdi.

#photo courtesy: Anwesh Mishra


You are welcome :)

Most of the world's greatest places are unexplored !

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