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Before I went in for the movie, a friend had said, this movie is more than a love story, its a love saga. Now, after watching the movie, I know what he meant.
Samar and Mira's love story was very well expressed in the first half of the movie. Yash Chopra's magical power of making the audience feel the love going on on-screen could be felt once again. The rich, beautiful lady Mira falling in love with a guy full of life (but no bank-balance) was brought out really well. Mira was a girl who had great faith in Jesus and used to offer some great deals in exchange of what she wanted Jesus to give her like 'let the guy coming to see me today not like me, and I will give up chocolates forever' and so on.
It was all well, till Mira decided to make the biggest deal with her God, to give up her love in exchange of his life. She, is all her faith, decided to leave Samar, after Jesus saved Samar's life (after Samar met with an accident).
The broken heart-ed Samar returned of India to join Indian army and played with death everyday as a challenge against Jesus, just to see how long God does save him from death. Well, a part I found missing in the movie here was the fact that Samar mentions it twice that he didn't join Indian army initially because his mother didn't want him to and had come to London just because of her but after the whole heart-break and all when Samar returned to India, no mother was brought in. If he didn't join army sometime because of his mother, how did he join now? Well, the question remained unanswered till the end of the movie and I am still confused on that part.
Well, the second half was sufficiently not as good as the first half. Akira's role is well played by Anushka Sharma. Well, on a personal basis, I would claim Anushka Sharma to be a better actress than Katrina Kaif. Katrina, according to me, still needs to learn to act. Shahrukh, well off course if the king.
The end was kind of not much liked by me. Theres a beautiful saying in the movie-"Har ishq ka ek waqt hota hai, wo hamara waqt nahi tha....par iska matlab yeh nahi hai ki wo isqh nahi tha". They have lived up to this saying my uniting Mira and Samar at the end of the movie but Akira's waqt somehow never came.

At the end of the movie, Akira is shown to be talking to a crowd of National Geographic Chanel on the purpose of releasing her documentary that she made on Major Samar. But, the non-sense part was when she talks about Samar's love life through the entire speech. I mean talking on the podium of National Geographic Chanel and giving out all love philosophies was non-sense.
Also, there another part in the movie which shows Samar having partial amnesia and forgetting 10 years of his life is at some station, waiting for his train when suddenly a bomb was found in the train and the station was being evacuated. Well, Samar remembering his 10 years suddenly at the very chaos of the situation is okay, but his suddenly going upto the bomb, no police official stopping him and rather they letting him dispose the bomb without checking his background or anything was totally not acceptable!
Well, all in all, good time-pass, so much love in it but still not a very practical or believable one.


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