Wikipedia’s Localisation Engineers meet up at SICSR

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On the 4th of November 2012, the Wikipedia team of Localisation Engineers were welcomed at SICSR for an Engineer’s meet up. The team consisted of some very important Engineers from Wikipedia Foundation like Alolita Sharma (Director of Engineering at Wikipedia), Srikanth Lakshmanan, Brion Vibber, Pau Giner, Siebrand Mazeland and a few more. The meet up was mainly to get a user’s feedback regarding the Wiki Translation and Localisation work and also to introduce some new Wiki tools that translators could find useful like ‘Translatewiki.net’. They gave a small demo on how translatewiki can be used. The talk also contained a brief detail of how wikipedia’s localisation tools were engineered and how these jQuery IMEs can be used by all common coders for translating any website easily.
Some SICSR dignitaries were also present during the session, who are regular contributors to Wikipedia like Mr.Harshad Gune and Mr.Sudhanwa Jogalekar. Most SICSR students present for the session were either Wikipedia translators or Engineers who are presently designing keyboards in Indic languages.
The short session didn’t get over with the presentation. The formal session was followed by an informal meet up of all Wikipedia contributors in Vaishali, FC Road for some SPDP and coffee. The dinner table talks were actually a platform for interaction between different contributors, union of thoughts, sometimes some conflicts of thoughts as well and all getting enriched with new thoughts by the end of the dinner. Finally when all departed, each member had a new enthusiasm to work better and make Wikipedia a better place for all users.


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