A weirdly awesome dream...

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 6:50 PM
In the darkness of the night, when I thought no one could see my tears, his hands came upto to my cheek to wipe them off. How did he know I was crying?
Probably he just knew me too well to understand my every reaction. I told him to go away, to leave me alone. He denied and softly said-
"No matter where I am, I will always be there to wipe every tear drop of yours. No matter how much upset you are, I will always be there to bring back your smile. No matter how angry you get, I will not leave you, I will hold your hand and stand by you. No matter how dark the night is, I will always be your guiding light. No matter how difficult the path is, you will never be walking on them alone. No matter how busy I am, I will always have time for you. No matter how much we fight, I will always come back to you. No matter how hard you try, you cannot keep me away from you. You can call me your friend, your boyfriend, your best friend or call me nothing, but for me, you are my everything."
His words were like ointment on my pain. I realized I wasn't crying anymore. I looked into his eyes. I knew he meant every single word he said. I smiled and threw myself into his arms. Theres nothing better than a soothing hug at times of sorrow.

Just then my phone screamed. I opened my eyes to find myself in my bed. Gosh! This was a dream. Well, obviously this was. These fairy tales can only be stories and dreams.
I sat up on my bed, checked my phone only to find a 'Lecture cancelled' message from college. I sat there for sometime, just to think, can I fit anyone into this picture? Well, nope.
Love is a very wrongly used word today. We say it, even before we are sure we mean it. We say it and then we repent. Being there with someone is a fashion, but being there for someone is old-fashioned. Today we all are practical lovers, who measures love on the scale of profit and loss. Being with her gives me a status symbol, he has a BMW worth riding and so on. We are so mature that we forget to feel the real feelings.

I got back to by my blankets. If not in real life, may be I could get back to my dreams and live those special moments. Strongly I did shut my eyes again and fell asleep.


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