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Posted by Priyanka Nag on 7:42 PM
One evening a friend of mine forwarded me a link, saying -"I think you can try for this". The link took me to gnome/opw. Just clicking through the different projects, I got stuck at Wikimedia Foundation's project on 'Noteworthy Local Templates'. 
I like doing documentation work and the project description somehow seemed so suiting my domain and preferences that I ended up applying for it.

Going a bit into what Outreach Program for Women actually is (for all my readers who are not aware of it).  OPW or Outreach Program for Women is a GNOME Foundation's initiative to change a shocking statistic which shows that in Open Source world, there are only 2% female contributors. 
'Outreach Program for Women (OPW) internships were inspired in many ways by Google Summer of Code and by how few women applied for it in the past.' 

After applying for it, I did contact my mentor, Amir Aharoni, to guide me through the project and also help me make my first initial contribution to it. I submitted my first work (though with lots of errors), and was highly encouraged by my mentor's appreciation. He helped me rectify all the mistakes. A few small contributions and on the morning of the historic date of this century (12.12.12), I got the acceptance letter from OPW.

Am eagerly waiting for 2nd January now, when I will be able to officially begin with my work. Am a contributor of Open Source Community for quite some time now, but this is my real big chance to make a real big contribution!I never found a reason why there should be less female contributors in this domain. I have always loved what I have done in here and am sure very soon more women will realize that :)


In my opinion you don't have to wait for January to begin your work! :-)

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