MozClub SICSR....2nd Official Meetup

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 8:56 PM

MozClub SICSR is an initiative to form a Mozilla Club in Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research. The volunteers of this club will not only be involved in development work, but also be responsible for encouraging other students to take interest in all Mozilla Development work. These volunteers will also be responsible for organizing different Mozilla events in and around the college campus. 
This was actually initiated on 11th August by Sayak Sarkar and Ankit Gadgil when they did take the first meeting of MozClub SICSR. 
Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, being a computer institute has got some real potential developers, all that is required at this point is some proper guidance and to ignite the spark of craze in them. With that sole motive, we did organize the second meet of MozClub SICSR on the 15th of December 2012. There were around 60 enthusiastic participants in the hall during the meet. 
I initiated the meeting with some small talks about Mozilla, what projects are currently running under the Mozilla banner etc. I did talk about two of my very favorite topics, the Documentation part and the Localization work. Of course I couldn't miss the opportunity of talking on WoMoz in a hall which consisted of a good number of some 20+ ladies.
After my basic introductions, Soumya Deb (aka Debloper) took over. He did impress the crowd with his amazing power of talking techy stuffs in an awesomely interesting way. He covered several topics starting from how to contribute to Mozilla, how to use IRCs, how to subscribe in mailing lists etc. The best part of his talk was the B2G demo.
The response from the crowd was quite good. This was simply the first formal step towards forming the club. By next meet which is on the 22nd of December, we are expecting the crowd to have done some research on different projects currently running under Mozilla banner and choose one project they would like to work on. When they select their domain of work, we are planning to guide them through and get them started as contributors of Mozilla.


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