My first translation sprint

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 11:43 PM
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On the 29th of December, the team of Ankur India had decided to meet over IRC for a translation sprint for Gaia localization. As per the plan, we all met over IRC channel #ankur.org.in at around 11am on 29th. Due to some important work, I got delayed in joining in and thus did miss the initial few hours of the sprint which was spent in setting up the repository and getting started. 
Being a newbie in the domain of localization, I needed help and guidance continuously from the other, more experienced ones. I shouldn't forget to thank Runa and Sayak, whom I kept on bothering with all major and minor issues. As we got along with the sprint, I got the flow of it and then work became all the more fun.We finally stopped at 4pm. Though can't actually say stopped. We departed from the IRC but with sufficient work in hand, which were to be passed over and communicated through emails.
This was probably one of my first constructive contributions to Mozilla (Firefox OS in particular) and feel really excited about it.
Would love many more of such sprints and next time, will surely want to be present personally in Red Hat's office just to get the trill and feel of it to a greater extent.


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