Adding the 'Cite' option to your WikiEditor

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Taking from the top:

I got a clean MediaWiki installed from Git on January 14 2013, with the following extensions:
• Cite
• ParserFunctions
• Gadgets
• Vector
• WikiEditor
• SyntaxHighlight

What are Extensions on MediaWiki?
Ans: Extensions are powerful tools on Media Wiki which lets one customize the way their wiki looks and works.

How to install these extensions on a clean Wiki?
Downloading these extensions https://www.mediawiki.or/wiki/Manual:Extensions documents how different extensions are to be downloaded and installed on a Wiki. The Wikimedia SVN repositories hosts all extensions. This repository is located at svn:trunk/extensions. After being downloaded, these extensions make home in their own own subdirectory of $IP/extensions/.(*IP means the full path to the installation directory. It stands for Install Path.)
Installing the downloaded extensions This process is generally simple. We just need to add one line at the end of the LocalSettings.php file (but above the PHP end-of-code delimiter, "?>", if present): require_once( "$IP/extensions/extension_name/extension_name.php" ); 

Getting 'cite' option into the toolbar of MediaWiki's editing page
For the cite option, we need to get the WikiEditor's latest version installed first (presently it is 0.3.1). The WikiEditor is the basic toolbar that we get to see when we switch to the edit mode of any wiki article. When we initially install the WikiEditor, we will get the basic version of the toolbar which looks like:
Well, this bar is required to be installed as the citation option will need to later added to the same bar after the help option.
When we successfully install the Cite extension, it gives the flexibility to use the <ref> and <references/>. These comes along with the Cite.php under the Cite extension folder. Cite allows the editor to create the footnotes.
1. ^ Miller, The Sun, Oxford, 2005, p. 23.
2. ^ Brown, The Moon, 2006, Penguin, p. 46.
3. ^ Smith, The Universe, Random House, 2005, p. 334.

Getting RefToolbar in place:
RefToolbar refers to a series of MediaWiki extensions which are written in JavaScript to add functionality to the editing toolbar. The biggest of its example is the instance to help with citation templates which we will discuss more in details here.
To add the RefToolbar in our Wiki, we will need to get the MediaWiki:RefToolbar.js file in our own wiki. Along with this .js file, we will need a few more JavaScript files placed properly in our Wiki before we can get the citation template to get working. These files are:
• MediaWiki:Common.js
• MediaWiki:Common.js/edit.js
• MediaWiki:RefToolbarBase.js
• MediaWiki:RefToolbar.js 

  MediaWiki:RefToolbarMessages-en.js• MediaWiki:RefToolbarConfig.js

Its advisable to install the js files in the same pattern as they are listed as they comes in the same hierarchy of use as listed.
# Common.js: Common.js is the only JavaScript which is for all users. Otherwise most .js files are user specific.
After the RefToolbar is properly configured i.e. after we have added the script from RefToolbarConfig.js into our own Wiki, we can go to the edit option of any page and if all rest scripts are properly in place, the citation template should now be available.
Well, one important key note while working with the JavaScripts in MediaWiki is- whenever we add a new JavaScript file in our own wiki, we need to clear the browser's cache or bypass the browser's cache and then check if its implemented properly.
This can be done in the following ways:
• Firefox / Safari: Hold Shift while clicking Reload, or press either Ctrl-F5 or Ctrl-R (⌘-R
on a Mac)
• Google Chrome: Press Ctrl-Shift-R (⌘-Shift-R on a Mac)
• Internet Explorer: Hold Ctrl while clicking Refresh, or press Ctrl-F5
• Opera: Clear the cache in Tools → Preferences


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