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Posted by Priyanka Nag on 10:39 AM

I have handled a lot of CMS for different works in everyday life like Drupal, Wordpress, Red Mine etc but one of the most difficult CMS that I have come across till date is MediaWiki. 

Sometimes, the tougher a job is, the more interesting it turns out to be. MediaWiki installation on my local machine was not a touch job, rather was not a part of my job at all, the real challenge began when I started playing around with all the extensions. Unlike other CMS, Media Wiki is not that easy to deal with...mainly when it comes to properly implementing a few extensions. There are a whole lot of JavaScript files which needs to be handled and handled really well. 

My initial task was to document how to get the 'Citation' template on my own wiki editor's toolbar. After small struggle through a few complicated and messy JavaScript files, that work finally got done. 
The next challenge was or rather still is to customize the options of the Citation template (which generally is hard coded).

Well, sometimes struggling with very basic stuffs, I have learnt a lot about MediaWiki in general. The IRC channels and mailing lists are fabulous sources of information regarding all the development in the same domain. Have not only installed MediaWiki some 10+ times on my local host in several ways just to try new things out; but also have actually taken a session in my own class (in college) on Media Wiki as a CMS (its installation process and more).

My work with Media Wiki can be tracked from here. All the links to all documentations done against my work are on this user page.


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