The making of GNUnify....version 1

Posted by Unknown on 10:27 PM
From developers to event organizers...thats what has happened to the MscCA students of SICSR at present. 
GNUnify, one of Asia's most renowned Open Source Tech fest is round the corner. As the dates get closer the work load as well as enthusiasm keeps getting higher on head.

From poster design to website building...from script writing to publicity work...all coordinated from one single room, SDRC. From morning 8am till late 11pm...no complaints, no demands...only dedicated work.

A whole lot of jobs and a series of struggles...a whole lot of learning all happening here. You need to be here to believe in it.
Sometimes, the not so important issues are the ones which needs most attention like getting the T-shirts printed, getting the posters done, sending down invitation mails and so on and so forth.

In the past few days, did a lot of stupid manual jobs which under normal circumstances, I would have never ever done like getting letters drafted, sending down mails, taking email followups and so on. I can assure, the experiences are similar for most other people here. Learning new things (for me, most important learning is that of patience :p ) is seemingly the most important and interesting part of event management at any point of time.


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