Finally getting the Citation feature up on Bengali Wikipedia

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Well, I am happy to announce this good news for all my Bengali Wikipedians. 
After working on it for months, after several local implementations followed by User page implementation of the 'Cite' option, I have finally been successful in getting the option up on Bengali Wikipedia. 
Well, what this option is and how to get it up on any Wikipedia can be found here.
Here, I will talk about my experience of community interaction and getting the job done. Well, I began the community interaction (actually begging for help) through the community india mailing list. My idea initially was to get some response from someone who, even if unable to directly help, could guide me as to where to get help from. I actually needed either the admin rights to some Wikipedia to push this option up or needed help from some admin who could do this work on my behalf. Not waiting for the replies, I also started looking for the admins on different Wikipedia(s). Well the Special:ListAdmins option of Wikipedia did help me a lot here ;)

From the list of admins on Bengali Wikipedia I found Jayanta Nath, who came to my rescue! After a little bit of convincing, Jayanta da was all ready to help me get this job done. I sincerely thank him for all his help. Now, all Bengali Wikipedia users will get the 'Cite' option on the edit toolbar just like the English Wikipedia editors.

The job is yet not done, I need to get the same feature on a few other Indic Wikipedias. The convincing job is not always that easy. Some struggling is on to explain people that this actually works. Well, I hope I will soon be able to convince a few more admins and get this feature up on a few other Indic language Wikipedia(s).


Nice. When you figure out what are the convincing arguments, please summarise them on a mediawiki.org manual page and, if possible, also include precise instructions on how to set it up on any wiki.
When there's consensus for a change, by the way, they can also ask a global interface editor to do the technical work for them. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:GlobalUsers?group=editinterface

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