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Well, the struggle has been really long going but finally got it to work! Finally I did manage to pull the 'Cite' option (the one which exists in English Wikipedia and was missing from Bengali Wikipedia) into Bengali Wikipedia. Unfortunately, I do not have admin rights to bn.wikipedia.org, so I couldn't get it get in on the Edit toolbar for all users, but could obviously manage to get it for my own Edit toolbar and am surely in a state where I can help other users get it on their respective Edit toolbars by just adding one single line in their common.js files.

Well, what I did to get it up and running is as follows:

  • In my common.js file, I imported a few other js files like:
    • RefToolbar.js
    • RefToolbarMessages-en.js
    • RefToolbarBase.js
    • RefToolbarLegacy.js
  • I created all these js pages under my user-name like User:Priyanka Nag/Reftoolbar.js, User:Priyanka Nag/RefToolbarMessages-en.js, User:Priyanka Nag/RefToolbarBase.js and User:Priyanka Nag/RefToolbarLegacy.js.
    These pages are already present in most wikipedias and if that is so, we may not need to create them under our user-page separately. But, in either case, making sure that these files, which are dependent on each other, are being called properly i.e. if RefToolbar.js is calling RefToolbarBase.js, making sure that its calling User:Username/RefToolbarBase.js or MediaWiki:RefToolbar.js (as the case may be) is vital.
  •  Once all the pages are in place and called properly, we just need to do a hard refresh. If all works properly, we are expected to see the 'cite' option on our Edit toolbar.
  • Now, initially if all these JavaScript files are copied from English Wikipedia, the citation template is also expected to be in English. How to change these options to your own language can be found here.
If anyone wants to use the same option in Bengali Wikipedia, you need to simply do the following:
  • Under your common.js page (i.e. User:YourUserName/common.js), simply put the following line of code:
Once saved, this code will simply import my common.js file which in-turn will import all files necessary to get the citation template working. Now, since my common.js file already has all the other js files in place (in case of bn.wikipedia.org), one doesn't need to create them again separately. For all other Wikipedias but all the above steps will be required.


Could you please link directly to User:Priyanka Nag/common.js ? Thanks.

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