Why Mozilla?

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Why did you choose to contribute to Mozilla? Do you get paid from Mozilla for doing all these work?.....there are several similar questions which we volunteers often come across during several events.
Today, I am gonna share my story of 'Why Mozilla'!

I still call myself a newbie in the FOSS world. Its been just some odd 7 months since I got involved with Mozilla. The college I belong to is one of the rare Indian colleges where students are always encouraged to become FOSS enthusiasts and FOSS contributors. My first instincts to contribute to the Open Source world came from and because of my college. It was through my college seniors (who were Mozilla Representatives) that I got my first chance to peep into the Mozilla world. 
The very first MozCafe meeting that I got a chance of attending was sufficient for me to know that this was one group I would surely like to work with. The style of work, the thought process of the people there and most importantly the intention of work, everything impressed me to a great level. That was just the beginning. The next big event I got to be a part of was the MozCarnival which was hosted in our college. Well, this was the first event for me, where my role was not that of an audience but that of an organizer. I got to meet several other Mozilla Reps and mentors during this event. The best thing that happened (to me) during MozCarnival was my introduction to the WoMoz community. I was asked to speak about WoMoz during the MozCarnival and my research on the topic got me involved with the WoMoz community in a way that after that one track that I hosted during MozCarnival, my friends started calling me a feminist (that intense was the effect on me) :P

Once I got involved with the community, I just couldn't keep myself away from it. Became a Rep, started working with other Mozillians and before I even realized, I was totally in love with Mozilla. My involvement with Mozilla is just seven months old, but within this little time, the attachment is so much that not being a part of Mozilla is something I cannot think of now.


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