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I had just returned from Bangalore and the Banglore fever was yet not completely out of my head when one morning I got a call from Galaxy asking me about my travel preferences to Bangalore. I was kind of confused till Galaxy went ahead to explain me about the Reps Evangelism training which was scheduled on the 17th and 18th of September in RedHat,Bangalore. Yipeeee!!! RedHat office was sufficient a reason for me to start packing my bags again :P

As usual, it was the last flight that I took to Bangalore and reached my hotel at around 2am on 17th night (or some people might like to call it morning).
On 17th, we reached RedHat office by 10.30am. It was a campus worth working in! The office was on the 11th floor and the view from the cafeteria of the office was simply breadth taking.

Our session for the day began with  Chris Heilmann's smiling face and warm welcome note. Along with Chris, Robert Nyam and Ali Spivak's presence in the room did fill the room up with life.
Learning has no limits! I must have had made some 30+ presentations in my life, but watching Chris on the stage and hearning him talk made me realize how much in the alpha stage I still am in.
It was not a series of boring lectures, it was one of the most interactive sessions I have ever been a part of. We didn't play the role of passive listeners only, we also did act as active presenters, occupying the stage, one group at a time. Well, when off the stage we made an awesome team, our group didn't need extra effort to be the best on stage. Thanks to Kaustav Das Modak and Sayak Sarkar for being the awesomest possible team-mates.

At RedHat office, Bangalore....attendees of Evangelism Reps training

I have been going around with a Keon for some 3+ months now, but never knew the best way it could be displayed to friends. After Ali's session, I guess I will do a better job at showing off my new possession to the world.
When the session finally came to an end on 18th, I didn't feel like packing my back up for getting back!

I feel lucky to have been able to attend this training and am eagerly waiting to meet Ali again in Pune on the 23rd :)


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