Maker Party Bangalore - Hive Pop-up 2013

When I reached Bangalore, it was 12.30am. When I had boarded the flight, it was 5th of September, but by the time I had landed, it was 6th already. Whenever it comes to some Mozilla event, I don't know from where, some unknown energy seems to hit us all. At this late hour of night, no one seemed to be tired. By the time I did reach my room, it was 2.30am.
Our morning started at 6am. We were at the venue by 8.30am. It was at Jaaga (our hangout destination for the next two days) that I met Michelle for the first time. A lady whose enthusiasm, energy and smile seemed to be spreading like a viral among all the Mozillians present for the 'Train the trainer session' of 6th. We began the day with a small ice-breaking session where each Mozillian introduced himself (or herself) and wrote a small note about what he (or she) expected to take back after these two days event. Well, when it comes to writing, I somehow get a bit too much charged up which ended up making my note the lengthiest of the lot.
I have always loved to teach, but being a good teaching is not very easy. And thus, for me, each moment of Train the trainer session was very important. The teaching part began with Ankit Gadgil's session on Thimble, followed by Sayak Sarkar's session on X-ray goggles and finally ended with Gauthamraj's session on pop-corn maker. Each community was responsible for making a small popcorn video through which the community was to state its story.
In the afternoon, we met all our partners who were to be a part of the Hive initiatives and interacted with them in groups. There ideas, there motto, their presentations...everything was so mesmerizing.
The evening was super-fun when the super-mentors tried teaching 'Webmaking' to their mentees and then the mentees tried teaching 'Webmaking' to each other. It was during this session that I did have the devilish idea of spoiling(remixing) the very site of our super-mentor,Sayak ;)
The fun loaded day ended with a great dinner. While getting into bed that night, I had absolutely no idea that the next morning had even more fun awaiting us.

Mozilla India community....with Michelle at Jaaga

The weather of Bangalore on the 7th was so very pleasant,it felt as if nature had also decided to join the Hive India party. An early start it was. The partners did arrive by 9am and Jaaga's doors were opened for public by 10am. There were stalls put up by our partners as well as stalls of the Mozillians were we were trying to teach 'Webmaking' to our guests. It was on this day that I realized how much fun teaching can be. It was like teaching to build and remix the web to everyone....starting from a kid who was as young as 5 years old to his teacher who was probably in her late 50s. It was AMAZING! Every moment was an experience which is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

@Cutney Chang....post event dinner party

Well, I will preferably end my blog here and not get into the after event moments. As Vineel says-"What Happens at Bangalore, Stays at Bangalore".


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