Maker Party@SIMCA

Webmaking is fun but teaching others to make the web is even more fun. This is the exact reason why I couldn't deny the invitation to be a presenter at Maker party which was held at SIMCA on the 21st of September 2013, officially the fourth Maker Party of the season in Pune. I wasn't sure if I could be a good facilitator at this event as I was down with fever and had a real bad throat infection just a night before the event. Somehow I did manage to bring my voice out while standing on the stage and to my surprise, my speech was so clear, no one got any hint of my ill health.

I began the session introducing the crowd to the idea of Open Source, Mozilla as an organization, ways of getting involved with Mozilla and the different Mozilla products.
The tough job was taking the crowd through localization project as being one of the best ways to start contribution. It was not that I was not aware of the topic. Localization had been my first project under Mozilla as well. But the slide being used was supposed to be Ankit's slide for his talk. But unfortunately when he got delayed (due to some unavoidable reasons), I had to fill in. Well, not knowing what the next slide contained and trying to talk on the stage...surprise at every slide change, is not a very comfortable situation to be in. But my being well versed with the topic someone did let me pull it off well...and I hope I didn't let the crowd realize the mess of the situation!
Ankit took the stage next and spoke in details about the Webmaker projects and a bit more in detail about the concept of open web.
Post lunch we did move into the labs for some realtime webmaking and remixing.
The fun part of the remix sessions are the projects in their 'Under construction' phase. I mean, just imagine the sight of someone remixing an Independence day page and trying to make some 'Titanic' page....there comes one hilarious moment when your background is that of the Independence day, with the image of the Indian national flag in background and someone just inserts a picture of 'Jack' and 'Rose' on top of that! Well, couldn't help but break into laughter.
We had some awesome makes by the end of the event and we closed the event by giving out some goodies to the best makers of the day.

My ill health did resume after coming back home....but somehow these events are so very tempting, I cannot say a "NO" to any of these invitations.


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