MDN Doc Sprint and Firefox OS phone demo

When the India trip was being planned, it was Vineel's idea to have an event in Pune as well. This offer could never have been rejected. As the plans started taking shape, 24th of September was the date chosen for a MDN documentation sprint event in Pune.
After Bangalore, I met Ali again on the 23rd, in Pune. Whenever it comes to taking an international guest out for food, we need to do some extra thinking on the food place options. Well, when I took my guest out, I thought I would need to make sure about the spice level in my ordered food. I did need to. But, instead of having to request the chef to decrease the spice level, I had to request him to make the food even spicier.
Well, when I am the event organizer, being on time is the first requirement! With all my efforts, I did manage to get the event started by 10.30am (though delayed by half an hour, keeping the past event records in mind, I wasn't much disappointed). I began the event with a brief introduction to Mozilla as an organization and the mission of Mozilla and then handed it over to Soumya Deb, who addressed the audience with his usual mesmerizing speech on Mozilla India community and the different Mozilla projects. After we novice speakers were done with our sessions, we handed the stage over to Ali. Its then that we had the first official presentation on Firefox OS and the first ever Firefox OS phone demo in Pune. Innumerable questions were being bombarded at us from the super enthusiastic audience. Phew! Thanks to Ali and Deb's awesomeness that none of the questions had to be left unanswered.

Keon being demonstrated

Lunch was simple. To Ali's disappointment, I couldn't manage to get anything spicy this time! Well...MY BAD!
Post lunch we began with our MDN sessions. Ali first introduced the MDN project to our audience and then taught them the different ways in which they could contribute to MDN. When all was said, it was time to get some real work done. The tagging and code writing began in full force. To our surprise, more than 350 tags were added to the documents in MDN.
The event was more successful than I had thought it would be. Like all Mozilla event, we all Mozillians met for dinner that evening to celebrate the success of the event as well as decide on our future prospects and plans.
Saying goodbye is possibly the worst thing on earth and I totally HATE it...but luckily, it wasn't very bad this time as we are all meeting Ali again in a week's time during the summit.


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