Taking a break from all Mozilla events

Posted by Unknown on 10:18 PM
Globetrotting, meeting new(awesome) people, getting a chance of public speaking, exchange of knowledge....everything I always loved was given to me by Mozilla; by giving me a chance to host and participate in several of its events. I became greedier with time and starting getting involved in more and more events.
In the last 4 months, I have been out for some or the other event every weekend. It feels great when people invite me to their event as a speaker. But in the entire 'Oh I am loving it mode...' I have neglected by job enough. I work in a start-up which deserves a bit more attention from me than I am currently giving.
There are two events that I have already committed to, after that (from March 10th) I am taking an official break from events for the next few months.
I will continue my contribution in all other forms in my free time. The offers to speak at an event are always too tempting and really tough to turn down, so I am writing this blog post to let everyone know that I am not available for any event for the next two to three months.


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