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Posted by Priyanka Nag on 2:44 AM
My after event blog posts are generally a report of the event...if you are looking for a report of the MDN Work-week, this is not the right post. This post is a complete non-technical and non-work oriented story of how I fell in love in and with Paris.

A glance of Paris...

 Paris had been a dream of mine for quite a long time, and the first time I got the invitation for MDN Workweek, I kind of knew this one was going to be awesome!

Paris is beautiful...way more beautiful than my words can ever express. Every moment of this one weekend feels like a long, beautiful dream. Everything is too perfect here. This city has a weird kind of "intoxication" in its air. The more you breadth in the cool air, the more you fall in love with this city.
The weather here couldn't probably be any better...its perfectly cool....not too hot, not too cold. Refreshing cool breeze just washes away all your worries and stress. Someone couldn't probably be upset in this city...its awesomeness is bound to wash all the sadness away!

At the bank of Sion

The air of Paris is affected with the viral of love and I caught this flu one afternoon while walking down Sion. I fell in love...with the city...with every bit of it. The weather, the scenery, the people around, the its peacefulness and serenity...with everything.

This city has been able to wonderfully hold on to its heritage but not at the cost of cutting itself off from the modern amenities or technologies. Here in Paris, you will see a lot of old buildings, all equipped with modern gadgets....these buildings have huge,heavy and decorated entrance, with the most sophisticated security system installed on them...these are like the perfect blend of heritage with modernization!

Both French food and French wine are really tempting and a treat to your taste-buds. They tastes too good and are presented a bit too well.

Can't remember the name of the dish...but its something cooked in Wine sauce
Another thing about this city that I fell in love with, are the people here. Even strangers cannot pass by you on the streets without a "Bonjour" and a friendly smile. Weird right? Yes, it is. And that is why this city completely won me over.

I have five days in this awesome city...and I am living every moment of it to the fullest!


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