MDN Workweek, Paris

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My first year in Mozilla was more of experimental...I began my Mozilla journey with localization. Then tried my hands on some awesome Webmaking...and finally I got into MDN. Once I got introduced to MDN, I instantly fell in love with it. The MDN project had everything I like...an awesome blend of both documentation and coding.

My MDN contribution till before the work-week had mostly been small documentation edits here and there, some playing around with KUMA and a lot of MDN Evangelism.
When I got the invitation mail for MDN workweek, Paris, I was already on cloud nine. I had got a chance of meeting a few members of the MDN team previously in Santa Clara during the Mozilla Summit, and the very idea of getting to work with them again was super thrilling!

The Super-heroes of Mozilla
The journey to Paris was also an awesome one. Afterall, Paris had been my dream since my days of 'Mills and Boons' ;)
Kaustav  and I had reached Paris on the 5th of March. It was our immediate instinct to visit the Paris office where we were hoping to find a few other participants of the work-week. We met Christian at the office. Well, walking on the streets of Paris with Christian is something not very easily achievable...that every moment I knew that this trip was going to be super awesome.

At work....in Paris office
Next day, we were honored to be able to join all the staffs in the Paris office. Kaustav and I were the only volunteers there and the pride we felt sitting in that room is beyond explanation.
MDN work-week  began on the 7th of March with a blast. There were 16 volunteers and 18 paid staff from 11 countries (France, USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Germany, India, Bangladesh, Brazil) who worked together to finish 23 projects, touched 400+ bugs.

MDN Workweek was the perfect example of Work hard, party harder. After the entire day's hard work, we would be taken to some awesome French restaurant for mouth watering food and heavenly French wine.

Time for some French wine

My contribution in MDN Workweek

My agenda for the MDN workweek was to build a start-up page for new contributors so that whenever new contributors ask - "How do I contribute to MDN", we have the one work answer to that.
After working on it for three days, this is what I could finally manage to get done:
Here, I shouldn't forget to thank Janet, Kaustav and Sheppy for helping me in getting the page completed.

Along with this project, I also did help Janet and Kaustav complete the event format for MDN events and publish the page on Mozilla Wiki. The page can be found here.
Another very interesting stuff that I got to work on during the work-week was the planning of Dev Derby launch with Kensie.

MDN Workweek was an experience of a lifetime and I indeed feel immensely lucky to have been able to be a part of such an event.

For the entire awesome experience, I would like to thank Ali Spivak, who had managed the entire event in the most efficient manner I have ever seen.

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