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If you are not already aware of what Scrollback is, here is a small introduction to Scrollback.
"Scrollback is a beautiful, open source text chat service designed for communities. Scrollback chat rooms can be embedded in websites and linked with Twitter hashtags or IRC channels." [You can visit the Scrollback site for a better understanding].

Many community websites and personal websites have adopted Scrollback and embedded it into their sites. A great example for this is the Mozilla India website.

Here are a few simple steps following which you can easily embed Scrollback in your personal website.

Step 1: On the Scrollback website, create your own chat room. This chat-room will be the one which will get embedded into your site.

The modal window where you can name your room as per your needs
Step 2: Once the room is created, you will automatically be re-directed to your room's page. On your room’s page, the left column will have all information about your room along with an option to 'embed script'.

Click on embed script icon to get the modal window for copying the JavaScript

Step 3: Copy the entire script that appears in the small grey window.

The modal window containing the script which you need to add to your website
 Step 4: On your personal website's code, you will simply need to paste the script before the closing '</head>' tag.

I tried doing something very similar this afternoon on my personal website (priynag.in)

A simple example of how to add the code patch can be found here.

If you have a wordpress site, you might need to follow a bit different process to get Scrollback on your website. You might find some help here for that.

If you still have some problem or want to talk to the Scrollback them, you might find them here.


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