My first two working days at Scrollback...spent at RootConf

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My first two days in Scrollback started a bit differently than all other conventional "first day" at office experiences. I was lucky to have been able to skip my office desk for the first two days and place myself in the MLR Convention Centre, Bangalore to be a part of RootConf 2014. I wasn't an attendee, rather wore a proud "Crew" badge for 2 days and did help the HasGeek team in the conduction of the event for two days.

DevOps is not much of my domain and honestly, I do not understand much of it either. I didn't spend too much time inside the auditorium as well, I ended up spending most of my time outside it. I was officially supposed to be in the T-shirt stall to give away (not free) T-shirts but I guess I could be blamed for lingering around for most of the time, catching hold of awesome people and bugging them with some random stuff.

I did learn a lot of stuff which will include T-shirt folding, arranging them, counting them...so anyone opening a new T-shirt store and looking to hire a part time (skilled) employee, can contact me. (Oh ya, I have learnt to use the card payment machine as well...so thats like a added point to the sells-girl profile) ;)
Well, jokes apart, I did meet some awesome people during these two days and did manage to proudly show myself off to them as a new member of the Scrollback team.
If you were looking for a technical update of the conference, I am sorry to have wasted your time, you will probably need to read someone else's blog post for that part.

I would say I am loving Bangalore already. Finally, from Monday, I am looking forward to get my hands a little dirty with the code-base of Scrollback.


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