Half a month at Scrollback

Posted by Priyanka Nag on 8:58 AM in ,
Its been a bit more than half a month that I have moved to Bangalore and started my work life here at Scrollback. Thought it was a good time to give my first review about my new life.

Scrollback team consist of eight members (including me)...and it literally took me less than 2 days to get all those 7 members converted from 'colleagues' to 'friends'. Well, when I say this statement, I actually include the two founders in my friend-list...thats how informal this place is and thats exactly how we never follow any hierarchy here!

In the last half month, I have done quite a few different things....I have spend my first two days at a conference (well, being an evangelist I guess that is an important part of my job), I have tried my hands on the code base (well, for that I did have to spend a few hours on Codecademy and learn JavaScript), I have organized an office party (that was ofcourse a team game and I can never take the entire credit for it), have done a lot of writing (blog posts and documentations) and also attended some meetings (inside office as well as outside of it).
These were all the work that I was supposed to do and have done. Now lets come to the interesting part of things- I have tried and helped in an A/C installation inside our office, had almost killed two of my co-workers during a game play, choked my entire team to death while trying to clean the white board with my deodorant and also made the horriblest possible tea during a meeting!

Life in Scrollback in the last half month actually took me back to my college days...FUN! FUN! FUN!

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