Embedding a Google Form in Wordpress

The process of embedding a Google form on your Wordpress blog post is pretty simple. Rather, this same process can be used to embed a Google form on a Blogger post or any other webpage.

  • Once you are done creating the Google form, when you click on the 'Send form' button, you will see a Embed button on the modal window.

On the share window, you get the option to embed the form

  • On clicking the Embed button, you will get an html iframe code which can be copied and pasted on any webpage.

The iframe code to embed the form

If you are trying to embed the form on your webpage, all you need to do is copy the html iframe code and paste it in the <body> section of your html.

If you are trying to embed the form in your wordpress or blogger site, while creating the post, switch to the "HTML" version and put this iframe code in the appropriate position wherever you want to embed it in your post.

Once the code is put in place, you will get the google form embeded inside your webpage, be it Wordpress, blogger or simple html.


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